Micro-EDM: User friendliness and precision to the utmost level

Sarix, the recognised specialist of micro EDM, presented at EMO 2013 the first two models of a new line of EDM machines that sets the next evolution step in the continuous flow of innovation of the company.

The wide open machine generation: never been so performing on 3D micro EDM with unequaled capabilities.
The wide open machine generation: never been so performing on 3D micro EDM with unequaled capabilities.

The SX200hpm and SX200aero deliver improved performance to the Micro EDM Milling process and targets applications in aerospace, micro-mechanics, tooling and micro-mould makers. The new design of the machine has been created on users’ requirements and offers them many advantages: high user-friendliness, compactness, full access of the machining area from 3 sides, touch screen display and much more. This indeed combined with the high performance and high quality machining offered by Sarix.

Ultra-precision is being democratised…
The machining of micro features down to the size of a few microns is no more limited to the microelectronic applications. The domain of instrumentation, micro mould, tooling and micromechanics in generals requires more and more the machining of holes down to 40 microns and the erosion of cavities with radius of 30 microns or less.

Let’s cut the hair by three
Sarix SA now offers a solution that solves the three main issues encountered when dealing with real micro machining: 1) the required precision in holding and feeding the revolving electrode, 2) the possibility to automate diameter change and  3) a secure handling system for these electrodes that are 3 times thinner than a human hair.

Repeatability below one micron
The new Sarix precision electrode holder, SP12, assures a slack-free and repeatable holding of the electrode.  In production the achievable runout of the electrode is less than 1 micron for electrodes and is constant even when the collet is changed or the electrode is advanced within the collet.

The new Sarix precision electrode holder.
The new Sarix precision electrode holder.

Many operations with the Sarix machines
For 20 years Sarix has been offering micro-machining solutions for high precision applications:

  • High Precision µEDM drilling
  • µEDM fast drilling
  • µEDM die sinking
  • 3D µEDM milling
  • µEDM with high speed milling
  • µEDM with laser micro ablation

We will come back on this innovation on Eurotec soon. Stay tuned.

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