Laser system trade fair for industry off to a flying start

Laser systems for material processing will once again be the focal point of LASYS 2014, which will be held at the Stuttgart Trade Fair Centre from 24 to 26 June 2014. One year before it is due to start, more than 70 exhibitors – including some important market leaders – have already registered for the international trade fair for laser material processing.
They will present, at the only international trade fair for laser material processing, innovations in the fields of separating, joining, marking, labelling, changing of material properties, coating, casting, reshaping and hybrid processes. Special attention will be paid to the new topics of laser additive manufacturing and robotics and automation.

Additive manufacturing, …
Using laser-based additive manufacturing, it is possible to produce almost ready-to-install, customised components made of different materials such as metal alloys, plastic and composite materials, or ceramics. The new pavilion “Laser additive manufacturing“ will take a closer look at current developments and trends in the manufacture of components and products.

…robotics and automation…
The robot is an important tool for efficient, fast and economical use of laser material systems. It is the ideal partner for the non-contact and wear-free laser. The “Robotics & Automation Area“ at LASYS will feature solutions for automation of lasers using industrial robots.

…for the industry
The range of topics will be specifically addressed at industrial users. Out of the total number of 5,293 visitors at LASYS 2012, an impressive 76 per cent came from industry, primarily from mechanical engineering, motor vehicle construction, electrical engineering and electronics, metal working and processing, and plant and apparatus construction, i.e. the core target groups for laser material processing, but also from many other sectors. Visitors will also find highlights from production engineering at the congress “Stuttgart Laser Technology Forum (SLT)”, which will be staged concurrently with LASYS by Stuttgart University.

Parallel events
Other attractive trade fairs will take place at the same time as LASYS 2014: the UKIP automotive trade fairs Engine Expo, Vehicle Dynamics Expo, Global Automotive Components and Suppliers Expo, Automotive Testing Expo and Automotive Interiors Expo. O&S, international trade fair for surface treatments and coatings, and parts2clean, leading international trade fair for industrial parts and surface cleaning, will also run in parallel with LASYS 2014.



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