Ceramic insert delivers productivity boost in cast iron milling

CC6190, a new ceramic insert grade for CoroMill 490, promises 2-3 times greater productivity against cemented carbide insert grades in cast iron and hardened steel due to the potential for higher cutting speeds.
Any manufacturer involved in automotive part machining or general engineering will benefit from the use of CoroMill 490 with CC6190 ceramic inserts. A superior performance and enhanced precision are assured in applications that include the milling of engine components such as valve bodies, crankshafts and gearbox housings.

2-3 times higher productivity
Designed and manufactured by Sandvik Coromant, CC6190 offers 2-3 times higher productivity than cemented carbide grades, while the insert design with parallel land delivers exceptional surface quality. It is aimed at the medium-to-light roughing of grey cast iron components, as well as nodular cast iron and compacted graphite iron (CGI) parts.

Improved tool life
In finishing trials on a valve body made from SS0125 cast iron, quality requirements included a surface finish of 1.0 Ra and flatness of 0.03 mm. At identical cutting data, CoroMill 490 with CC6190 inserts achieved 40% greater tool life over a comparable competitor tool. Similarly, another test showed a 20% boost in tool life when roughing a workpiece manufactured from GG25 grey cast iron.

For more information visit the website at www.sandvik.coromant.com.



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