A very successful year of trade shows

For several decades, the Schall name evokes the largest private German organisation of fairs, whether it be technical fairs or general public well-known exhibitions. Created by Paul Eberhard Schall in 1962, the company is now called “the Schall group “.

Paul Schall (left), and his wife Bettina, in a discussion with an exhibitor.
Paul E. Schall (left), and his wife Bettina, in a discussion with an exhibitor.

The success of the recent exhibitions Motek and Blechexpo comes to close the year 2013 as very positive. The fair specialist Paul E. Schall tells us more. (Full interview in our next issue).

Eurotec: On what relies the almost legendary success of your business after all these years?
Paul E. Schall: The pillars of this success and its duration are:

  • our policy of niche markets,
  • our ability to continuously innovate and
  • the quality of service we provide to our exhibitors and our visitors.

We base our strategy on niche markets, which explains our success for several decades. We develop quality trade shows on future oriented topics. They are specialised fairs with visitors from the Euro-area and which represent all facets of a field of specific activity in one place, moreover this place keeps human dimensions. These events highlight major current trends in the landscape of trade shows. Control and Motek, our two leading international trade shows, have also been developped from old market niches. They have also led to the creation of eponymous events on the same theme in other European countries and also in Asia.


Eurotec: Were there some important new features at the level of shows this year?
Paul E. Schall: Clearly yes! For instance Motek was like-new, it presented itself under a new light by seeking to adapt to the ever-changing market requirements. For example the sector of assembly facilities, complete turnkey solutions, manufacturing and integration of robots has been completely redesigned and thus considerably widened. On the 941 exhibitors present at Motek, near 18% originate from this area of activity and this “trade show in the trade show” is positioned as a pole of expertise unique in the world.

Influx of visitors in the halls of Motek.
Influx of visitors in the halls of Motek.
  • The duo of trade fairs Motek and Bondexpo aimed very specifically at industrial users will open its doors to the world experts in this area from October 6 to 9, 2014.
  • The next Blechexpo and Schweisstec will be held from November 3 to 6, 2015.






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