The BIEMH journeys to four continents in its campaign to attract purchasers

After visiting Turkey, Poland, the Czech Republic, Colombia, Ecuador and Peru in 2013 the organisers of the BIEMH (International Machine-Tool Exhibition) are preparing further trade missions to Brazil, Morocco, Algeria, the USA, Mexico, Germany, Portugal, India and China in the first four months of 2014.
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The campaign to attract foreign buyers extends to a long list of markets, and involves an exhaustive travel agenda: between October and April the organisers of the event are to visit 15 countries on four continents to attract the strategic visitors who comprise one of the aspects of the biennial most highly rated by exhibiting companies. Let’s see 2 examples:

The Machine-tool sector in Colombia: a net importer
The organisers of the BIEMH have been working with leading organisations in Colombia for over 10 years, and have created a solid network of contacts there. Colombia is a net importer and has no domestic capacity for producing machine-tools for manual work, cutting and welding, turning & milling machines or machining centres. In this context, Colombian trade specialists at the various meetings held expressed an interest in attending the next edition of the BIEMH.

Potential customers from Peru
The 30-year industry plan scheduled to be implemented in Peru is one of the reasons why the BIEMH sales team decided to visit the country. Acting at the request of exhibiting companies, the team has worked more directly with Peru in recent times, and its efforts are beginning to bear fruit. Peru’s metal and mechanical industry is made up mainly of family firms which need to put their output on a more technical basis, and which see participation in specialist trade shows as a good way of obtaining first-hand knowledge of the wide range of machinery currently on offer, and of locating suppliers.

We will come back on the international audience of BIEMH later.

The show will take place in Bilbao from June 2 to 7, 2014.



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