To go beyond the limits of guide bush

A customer who had to perform milling operations in titanium and stainless steel bought its first DunnAir system for Deco 20 about 5 years ago. Then he had it installed on a Star SRJ20 and another Deco. A while later it is three more Star machines that were installed and today the customer has decided to set up the system on each and every machines of its workshop. At the Siams Dunner will present the Deco 13 version of its famous DunnAir system.
The DunnAir 4-position rotating unit is a pneumatic device tailor-developed which incorporates a standard Airflex guide bush. Thanks to this system, the same guide bushes can be mounted on several types of machines. Guide bush adjustment being done through the front, handling is reduced and simplicity pushed to the maximum.

4 positions for fine tuning
The 4-position rotating unit includes the traditional clamping and opening positions as well as two guiding positions (on 40 mm!) with different settings. Mr Dunner explains: “According to the operations to carry out, guidance must be more or less tight and until today, we still had to work with a ‘compromise’ guide bush. With the DunnAir, it is possible to manage the forces adapted to the operations”. Driven by M functions, this device opens new perspectives for high precision turning; it offers not only the opportunity to work with less accurate material but it finely fits operations to achieve. Depending on the country, it is easier to find material of h11 quality than h7 or h8 bars and prices are not the same. To guide this material is not an easy thing and to have a very flexible guide bush which adapts itself to this type of material is very interesting.

Return on investment? Already a few months…
M. Dünner says: “We analyzed the ROI of our customers, those who do calculate only on the earnings on material (drawn and not grinded) tell us they pay the system in about one year. Those that take all other gains into account, including lower wear of the tools thanks to a better held; assert a return on investment of 3 to 4 months”. And the operators are the first to ask for this system that simplifies their work and guarantees their production quality.

The DunnAir system is available for Metafil, Star and Tornos machines and it can be discovered at Siams on the B12/C13 stand, Halle 1.2.

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