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After several conversations with customers, it is apparent that Tornos’ strategy has not been clearly explained or understood and several myths are circulating, for example that SwissNano machines are manufactured in Asia to cut costs. To clarify the situation, a meeting was held with Mr C. Paredes, responsible for development and operations with Tornos.

The new SwissNano Center in Moutier illustrates well the willingness of the company to modernise its permises in Switzerland.
The new SwissNano Center in Moutier illustrates well the willingness of the company to also modernise its premises in Switzerland.

The company strategy is clearly structured around two key areas:

  • 1, developing innovative technological solutions and supplying high-end machining equipment;
  • 2, developing less sophisticated ranges of machines to meet all needs.

Siting production as close as possible to the market
“We currently have three production sites across the world: one in Moutier (Switzerland) for the high-end machines, one in Xi’an (China) where we are responsible of a joint venture with a local manufacturer and one in Taiwan where we have a subsidiary which oversees the production of other simple machines” explains C. Paredes.

Very different markets
Nowadays, the level of knowledge and skill possessed by operators and companies means that a machine which is straightforward in Europe is very often still too complex for the majority of customers in Asia. Conversely, the straightforward machines manufactured in and for Asia are often not advanced enough for the European and American markets. Of course, complex machines are also sold in Asia and very straightforward machines are sold in Europe, but in terms of volume, the figures speak for themselves.

To produce efficiently also in Switzerland
When asked if Tornos plans to relocate the production of high-end machines to Asia, C. Paredes responds: “Take the SwissNano machine, for example: it offers the best value for money on the market and it is made in Switzerland, unlike its competitors, which are all manufactured in Asia. That proves that it is entirely possible for us to produce machines efficiently in Switzerland. Moreover, we have very ambitious objectives for Asia: our production lines will be working very hard to meet demand in these markets. We have no intention, nor capacity, to relocate our high-end machines to Asia. It is simply not on the agenda.”  He concludes: “We are also planning the modernisation of our production halls in Moutier, it is a very promising period and we can rely on the high level of skills and professionalism of our employees, all around the world” .

SwissNano center2

SwissNano center3

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