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On January first of this year, Polydec, the specialist of micro high precision turning, bought a majority share in Roger Maeder, a high precision turner located in Court (Switzerland). We met with the two directors to understand what benefits can expect the customers of these two manufacturers and understand their offers on the market. (To be discovered in our next issue, extracts)
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Ten years ago a large German manufacturer in a business trip in the region asked to visit Roger Maeder SA on the basis of its reputation as specialist of ‘impossible’ parts. And since that day, a genuine partnership has grown between the two companies. Mr. Eric Gyger, the Director of Roger Maeder SA says: “It’s a beautiful story; they visited our workshop and asked us to produce a part they were unable to machine properly.  We were able to find original solutions to realise it pretty quickly and since that day, we have been their providers”. Mr. Konrad, Director of Polydec adds: “This anecdote illustrates well the strengths of Roger Maeder SA. They are very skilled and their structure allows them to be very responsive, I see a lot of synergies between our activities”.

Important synergies
When speaking of synergies, they act on two levels: commercial and sharing of technical know-how. Mr. Gyger tells us: “For instance, if Polydec masters technologies or tools we do not know, we can be efficient without having to perform many tests. It is to the advantage of our customers”. Mr. Konrad adds: “We wish to share our strengths while preserving the independence of the two companies. In terms of marketing for example, Roger Maeder SA can rely on our structure in the USA”. Wisely both directors agree to capitalize on the strengths of each company without wanting to revolutionize everything.

Diameter: 5/100th mm
The two companies are machining parts by high precision micro turning and machining diameters of 5 hundredths of mm is common. Mr. Gyger says: “Although the majority of our machines is made up of cam machines, we work with means of production with very advanced possibilities, thanks to polygon-milling and our ‘improved’ machines with spindles with positioned stops and speed up to 18′ 000 rpm”.

From left to right: Pascal Vuillemier, administration, Eric Gyger, director, Simon Gyger, high precision turner all three with Roger Maeder SA and Claude Konrad, director of Polydec SA.
From left to right: Pascal Vuillemier, administration, Eric Gyger, director, Simon Gyger, high precision turner (all three with Roger Maeder SA) and Claude Konrad, director of Polydec SA.


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