The most robust and flexible gear cutting machine on the market

Affolter will present the new AF110 at Siams in Moutier, Switzerland, from May 6 to 9, 2014 (Hall 2.2, stand A-1). Later in the year, the company will have a booth at the EPHJ in Geneva (June 17-20) and will again present the AF110 at the AMB in Stuttgart (16-20 September).


In 2010, the R&D team of Affolter undertook the design of the AF110. Result? The most robust and flexible gear cutting machine on the market to date: “In comparison with the AF100, we have doubled the clamping force to 1000 newtons. Torque and rigidity of the spindle have been increased, the axis is more robust and there is only one clamping axis that moves, thus optimizing the overall stiffness and minimizing vibration”, explains Mr Affolter, Director. The AF110 is very compact, and uses the same basis and the same volume as the AF100. With the launch of this innovative gear cutting center, Affolter – a company founded in 1919 – strengthens its position of global technology leader.

Flexibility, an asset: worm screw cutting
Nowadays, Affolter experts are developing the ‘Unit 90’ an additional option that will allow users to machine worms on the AF 110. Mr Affolter says: “We are going to offer this optional element during the second half of 2014. The AF110 will be the most flexible machine of the market for gear and worms cutting”.

Reduced cycle times: maximizing productivity
Affolter engineers have sought to reduce cycle times in order to make the machine as productive as possible. The AF110 is equipped with user-friendly CNC Leste control developed internally, which ensures easy and quick realisation microtechnological gears. The compact design and the improved rigidity are other key features guaranteeing short cycles and maximum efficiency.

To be discovered at Siams very soon!

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