One end mill – five applications

For customers facing frequent tools changes, necessary for multiple machining, Gühring has developed a new end mill able to realise five operations. Indeed, the RF 100 Diver end mill is ideal for drilling, ramping, slotting, roughing and finishing.
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In addition to its versatility, this end mill convinces by its exceptional cutting parameters proven on numerous occasions. Furthermore, the RF 100 Diver sets new references, including as regards to ramping. On the occasion of the Siams exhibition in Moutier, Gühring will present this new end mill able of ramping with extremely steep plunge angles up to 45° (Halle 1.2, booth C26).

Up to 45°
Thanks to their uneven pitch, high performance RF 100 shank end mills by Guhring convince for years by their outstanding performance and quality. So far, ramping was possible only with a maximum plunge angle of 15 °. Better than all its competitors limited between 8° and 15°, the RF 100 Diver can go up to a plunge angle of 45°. With this technical singularity, the RF 100 Diver allows to achieve a direct transition between slotting and drilling in virtually all materials. In addition, the plunge angle makes possible a very high chip removal. Process security is guaranteed by the excellent chip evacuation due to the optimized geometry of the cutting edges. High feed rates allow machining with a considerable chip removal rate.

For all applications
Also for drilling, the RF 100 Diver confirms his high performances up to 2xD, clearly surpassing its competitors able to machine up to 1xD. In fact, this end mill is also ideal for the pre-drilling for reamers. For slotting, the slightly smaller rough machining phase is followed by a precise finishing operation. Thus, adjustment slots can be machined in accordance with any tolerance. A pre-machining tool is unnecessary as the RF 100 Diver is able to attack in all diameters on oblique or curved surfaces.

Elimination of vibration
For slotting, very high speeds are possible – and this from plunging. In fact, the RF 100 Diver end mill is characterized by high chip removal rates and precise fitting grooves. Despite large feed rates, this tool ensures perfect balance and high machining stability. This is possible thanks to its different helix pitch of 36°/38°. These different helix pitches have the effect of interrupting the budding vibration resonance; they further not only vibration free machining and high feed rates but further decrease chattering (corkscrew effect) when milling. Thus eliminated vibration allows higher cutting parameters for a larger chips removal rate.

To get more
Roughing in steel, the RF 100 Diver reaches cutting speeds up to 100% higher compared to competing products. In finishing, it gets longer lifetimes up to 100%. Thanks to the new geometry, power consumption is reduced compared to conventional end mills. This allows a use in unstable conditions on less powerful machines. For finishing, high cutting parameters are also possible in steel alloys.

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