The world’s first lightweight industrial robot at EPHJ/EPMT/SMT

LBR iiwa – intelligent industrial work assistant – is KUKA’s new lightweight robot. Equipped with industrial duty mechanics and drive systems, it is sensitive, yielding, precise, flexible and can be used to automate delicate, complex assembly tasks that were beyond the capabilities of robots to date.
Kuka LBR iiwa
Design based on the human arm
LBR iiwa has seven axes and was designed to replicate a human arm. It can be operated in position and yield control mode, and thanks to integrated sensors, the robot’s sensitivity is configurable. LBR iiwa was made for delicate joining processes, and the robot can even handle simple tools thanks to built-in high-performance collision detection algorithms and torque sensors integrated into the joints of each axis. Low weight, seven axes and a slim profile make the robot ideal for tight spaces and easy to integrate into manufacturing lines. LBR iiwa is designed to handle payloads up to seven or fourteen kilograms, making KUKA the first and only company to offer a lightweight robot capable of handling payloads over ten kilograms.

To be discovered
LBR iiwa opens a new chapter in the book of human-machine cooperation. Acting as an operator’s “third hand”, it opens the door to completely new applications in which safety barriers are a thing of the past. Visitors to EPHJ/EPMT/SMT will be able to judge for themselves when they examine solutions at KUKA’s booth. Each of the displays demonstrates LBR iiwa’s unique features.

The company will also shows a KR Agilus robot perfectly tailored to the sector of production in microtechnology.

To be discovered on the C100 booth in Geneva from June 17 to 24, 2014.

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