Standard components to form production systems

Usable flexibility through practical design and consistent modularity – for the efficient production of cookware, Fissler relies on standardised presses and pneumohydraulic drive technology from Tox Pressotechnik.
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Since cookware has developed from a simple cooking device to a more design, technology and function orientated consumer item, completely different demands are placed on it. These in turn can only be met by a comparably high material, production and quality assurance effort. Particularly as the educated customer is well prepared to pay the respective price for functionality and quality for pans and pots.

Nowadays’ challenges
However, the market for cookware is also marked by a globally large competition, which is why manufacturers must pull out all the stops to ensure competitiveness in the long term. This applies on the one hand to design, functionality, quality, durability and suitability for different kitchen systems (electric cookers with plate, ceran, or induction hob or gas cookers) and energy efficiency, and on the other a preferably rational and efficient production technology. This happy symbiosis is represented by Fissler GmbH in Idar-Oberstein, Germany, which is on the road to international success with its cookware, based not least on a high manufacturing depth. In order to meet the self-imposed high requirements of quality and productivity, Fissler rely on qualified and committed personnel as well as a state-of-the-art and largely highly automated machine park.

From the Tox standard range
The sales representative responsible for consultation and application at Tox Pressotechnik, Marco Unger, was able to offer economical solutions for all machining tasks from the standard range of Tox-Press Systems and pneumohydraulic press force drives Tox-Powerpackage, following an analysis of Fissler’s requirements, in close cooperation with the company headquarters.

Individual process solutions from the construction kit
With the 2-column press of type MBG 08, 150,000 aluminium round blanks are machined every year (raising of the inner edge), to be able to press in stainless steel round blanks into the said aluminium round blanks with the other two 2-column presses in the next work step. The basic equipment of the two similar presses is thus flexible that pans (approx. 90%) as well as pots (approx. 10%) can be machined with them.

Tox-Press of series MBG for punching holes into the pan lids.
Tox-Press of series MBG for punching holes into the pan lids.

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