Almac: highly targeted products for Germany

Since its foundation, Almac has always been committed to providing tailor-made solutions, mainly targeting the Swiss watch market. Although its integration into the Tornos group has enabled it to develop internationally, its potential has remained largely untapped. The company is now turning a new corner by implementing a real strategy to enable German customers to benefit from the same advantages as Swiss watchmakers.

Mr. Devanthéry, the Director of Almac, explains, by way of introduction: “Almac is a fairly new brand on the German market. The brand is not yet very widely known and customers do not immediately think of Almac when it comes to precision milling and micro milling.” We have yet to build our reputation there.

Tried and tested machines
And this is the paradox currently faced by Almac outside the Swiss market: the company finds itself positioned like a newcomer to the market, even though the solutions it is offering have been validated by one of the most demanding and most dynamic business sectors in the world. With over 1000 machines installed, the company is a renowned player in the “micro precision” sectors; these not only include watchmaking, of course, but also jewellery, medical and micromechanics in general.

Pleasantly surprised customers
Customers who have seen the new Almac machines, and their eye-catching design, have been pleasantly surprised. […] Mr. Devanthéry adds: “We must not forget that our expertise lies in our unique experience in the Swiss watchmaking market with its highly sophisticated constraints.”

What upcoming customer events will Almac be attending in Germany?
Upcoming events which Almac will be attending include the AMB in Stuttgart (September), Prodex in Basel (November) and the Turning Days in Villingen-Schwenningen (April 2015).

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