New generation of external laser scanner for the new Romer Absolute Arm

Hexagon Metrology launches the HP-L-20.8 – a new external laser scanner for the latest Romer Absolute Arms – for incomparable performance and high-speed 3D point cloud capturing.
HP-L-20 8
Hexagon Metrology today announced a new generation of external laser scanner for use with the new Romer Absolute Arm. The Hexagon Probe Laser 20.8 (HP-L-20.8) replaces the successful CMS108 laser scanner, offering improved performance even on complex surfaces and work pieces made of the most challenging shiny materials such as machined, cast, stamped or forged metals, plastics, carbon fibre and many more.

First class solution
By combining the HP-L-20.8 laser scanner and the new generation of Romer Absolute Arms, launched in March 2014, Hexagon Metrology offers its customers a first-class portable coordinate measuring system with fully-certified scanning system accuracy. The unique adjustable scanning width of the HP-L-20.8, with a line length of up to 230 mm and a scan rate of up to 150,000 points per second for high-speed 3D point cloud capturing, means surfaces can be captured more rapidly than ever before – no matter what the material. The HP-L-20.8 is the first laser scanner for the Romer Absolute Arm to be certified to the new ISO 10360-8 standard.

Ready to use
The HP-L-20.8 is fully integrated with the Romer Absolute Arm and does not require additional cables or external controllers thanks to the new feature pack. Manual setting of the laser power according to the surface colour or reflectivity is not required as the patented HP-L scanning technology automatically adapts in real time. The multi-sensor technology, seamless change between scanning and probing at the touch of a button, and the repeatable mounting for quick removal and assembly without scanner recalibration makes the new HP-L-20.8 laser scanner the best counterpart for external scanning applications with the Romer Absolute Arm.

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