Bumotec’s new premises for the future

The new building the company has started to build is large, clear, widely open and will have very low energy consumption. The work started with a brief ceremony with the presence of the authorities as well as the press on August 29, 2014.

M. Jean-Daniel Isoz in front of the new S100 Mono machine that opens a brand new category on the market. (You will be able to discover this new machine in our next issue and online indeed, stay tuned).

Located in Vuadens in the Fribourg Canton, the new building is ideally positioned close to the motorway and for employees; it’s only a few kilometers from the actual site that is definitely cramped and too small. With the planned growth of the company, this construction is highly anticipated.

High end building for high end machines
Once finished the new building will reach 14.279 m2. Jean-Daniel Isoz the directors says: “We won’t occupy the whole surface of the building and we will be able to rent about a third of it to companies interested in its assets like a +/- 1°C stable temperature all year long”.  Ideal for those who manufacture high precision machines and devices.

Good for the environnement and for the region too
The new building has been designed with the environment in mind and will use latest generation solar-panels and will comply with the latest eco-energy regulations. The CEO ads: “I’m quite confident we will hire many employees these following years” and indeed they fill find a nice place to work.




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