Micronora – Zoom on micro-mechatronics

That’s under the moto “Micro-mechatronics – from intelligent systems to the factory of the future” that Micronora opens its doors today in Besançon (till Friday).
Medical, aerospace, consumer goods, automotive for instance are, technologically speaking, feeding each other; however keeping a common point: the incompressible need to find components increasingly miniaturised for their products whose sophistication continues to escalate.

Focused on micro-mechatronics
Micro-mechatronics meets this goal by incorporating a strong dose of intelligence, creating systems needed to build the plants of tomorrow. Logically, Micronora, will therefore devote its Zoom animation to micro-mechatronics. The international fair of microtechnology and precision, which will be held from September 23 to 26, 2014 in Besançon, will illustrate this technological evolution by concrete examples in different application domains. The Zoom is open to all exhibitors who offer components, systems or solutions that incorporate micro-mechatronics. A large variety of manipulations, parts, applications, but also movies and photos, will allow the experts to illustrate these topics. This exhibition in the exhibition will be accompanied by a series of specialised conferences.

The Zoom?
Located in the heart of the exhibition (Gallery – entrance North 1) on an area of 300 m², the Zoom is organised by the Micronora Fair in partnership with Thesame and Pôle des Microtechniques of Franche-Comté. The Zoom is built into four cells covering the entire micro-mechatronics from design (1) to the means of production and control (2) till application fields (3). Finally the fourth cell will be dedicated to a micro manufacturing working chain presented as world premiere by the Japanese consortium DTF. This production chain is composed by five micro-machines and two robots. Each of these cells will present, in an educational way, different kind of industrial applications. Several manipulations or demonstrations of machines will be held for the duration of the exhibition.

It’s a week to go to Franche-Comté.