New small Swiss type late 12 mm capacity

After AMB, we discussed about the new Star SW 12 RII in Micronora. The company’s representatives are very confident that the machine may be a hit on the market.
A combination of the opposing gang-type tool post and the tool post designed for back 8-spindle unit with Y-axis control function eases quick and flexible machining of complicated parts.

Productivity, accuracy and high functionality
Based on the famous SW7, the machine has been designed to tackle challenges of today in term of productivity, accuracy and possibilities. With the 15’000 rpm main and counter spindles and 29 tool positions as well as many devices for operations like thread whirling, angular hole drilling, polygon processing, hobbing and more, the machine is perfectly in tune with a broad range of complex machining. With the independent tool gangs, roughing and finishing operations can be done simultaneously.

A few other characteristics

  • The guide bush and non-guide bush types can be switched over depending on the total workpiece length, and drastically reduces remnant material lengths.
  • The Star Motion Control System eliminates machine vibration by controlling the smooth spindle movement.
  • The built-in type main and sub spindles achieve improved indexing accuracy.
  • The back 8-spindle unit is equipped with Y-axis control function.

Want to know more about Star?
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Head office Europe
STAR Micronics AG
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CH-8112 Otelfingen
Tél. +41 43 411 60 60
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In Germany
STAR Micronics GmbH
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In France
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Next occasion to meet with Star’s specialists? Bimu-Milan, Maktek-Istambul, TIB-Bucarest and Prodex-Basel.

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