The revolution in tool and mould making

Wherever the methods employed to mechanically process materials difficult to machine, such as carbide, begin to hit their limits, it is then that engineers switch to applications like die sinking and grinding.
The long machining times that these applications entail lead to the highest manufacturing costs in tool and mould making. Zecha has launched two newly developed series for the milling of carbide and has thus set a milestone in the machining of geometrically shaped flutes.

Special for milling carbide
The combination of high efficiency and ultra-modern technology has many advantages over previously conventional machining options. The ball nose end mill and torus milling cutters in the 900 and 910 series are obtainable in diameters from 0.2 mm to 6.0 mm.

Marlin – 900 + 910 series Benefits and fact

  • High efficiency due to savings in time and machine costs
  • Suitable for the machining of all carbides
  • Latest technology also enables the manufacture of complex 3D shapes and contours
  • Finest surface structures
  • No white zones


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