LPKF at electronica

Electronica is one of the most important European trade show events for LPKF Laser & Electronics AG. In 2014 the specialist in micro-material processing with lasers will present its entire range of systems for electronics production and prototyping at Stand 419 in Hall A2.
Since the beginning of the year LPKF has been busy planning the development projects it will present at electronic fair. First up are two new systems for UV cutting of circuit boards. The MicroLine 2000 P was designed for cutting of flex boards and cover layers. Its counterpart, the MicroLine 2000 S, can be found at the end of the process chain, where it assumes the task of depaneling assembled boards – without mechanical stress and with minimized cutting widths. Both systems are available with different laser sources and come with a new, user-friendly product design.

Structuring system
Laser systems for structuring of three-dimensional molded interconnect devices (LDS) also have a new addition to the product family. The LPKF Fusion 3D 1200 laser structuring system can be equipped with up to three processing heads. It has a highly dynamic rotary indexing table that facilitates assembly and reduces non-productive time.

The StencilLaser field is always a prime area for innovation. After publishing methods for manufacturing step stencils last year, LPKF is now expanding the working range. With little effort, the StencilLaser G6080 can be extended to enable cutting of stencil frames with a length of 1800 mm (usable stencil length: 1500 mm). These stencils simplify the manufacturing of LED lights, which can be used in place of conventional fluorescent tubes.

User friendliness
Users of the LPKF ProtoLaser S and LPKF ProtoLaser U3 can profit from new system software. LPKF CircuitPro PL imports layout data and converts it to machine data. The software is based on the proven LPKF CircuitPro software and adds special routines for laser processing. For example, it can optimize the placement of scanning fields on large circuit boards and contains a technology dialog that greatly facilitates user operation. Structuring of circuit boards by laser is becoming faster and more precise because a special contour cutting feature optimizes the removal of excess copper surfaces.

Not to be missed
The proven prototyping lines will be on display at the stand with all top systems. The ProtoLaser U3 for circuit board structuring and micro-processing of delicate substrates, the ProtoMat D104, which combines mechanical and laser processing, and the complete MID prototyping line will all show what they can do at electronica at Stand 419 in Hall A2.

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