To easily machine within the tolerance

The CoroChuck® 930 high precision hydraulic chuck from Sandvik Coromant has enjoyed considerable success since its launch in 2013. Now, demand from BIG PLUS users for a secure tooling performance in milling and drilling operations has led to the additional availability of the chuck for this patented spindle system.

Ideal for meeting the demands for high run-out precision, extensive tests have shown this new hydraulic chuck provides the best pull-out resistance available on the market. The secret behind its accuracy and pull-out security can be found in the optimized design of the brazed clamping membrane. This promotes ultra-secure clamping with two supports on each side (fulcrums).

High process security
Ultimately, there is significantly less risk of tool pull out which has been previously witnessed frequently when using high helix tools. This unwanted effect is particularly troublesome in the aerospace industry when pocketing large aero-frame structures such as wing skins and ribs. If pull-out goes unnoticed, entire components might have to be scrapped if the cutter has been inadvertently cutting at a greater depth than intended.

Performance boost
The design of CoroChuck 930 ensures excellent torque transmission to improve the performance of solid carbide end mills, drills and reaming tools. When used with milling tools, low run-out of the cutter will also ensure consistent feed per tooth, resulting in predictable tool life and allowing component tolerances to be maintained more easily. What’s more, the performance of CoroChuck 930 can be repeated over multiple clamping cycles to retain high quality component surfaces – the product is also designed with dampening features that serve to minimize vibration during the machining process. CoroChuck 930 can be quickly tightened or released with a dedicated torque wrench, improving efficiency through fast and easy set-ups and changes. No other external equipment is required to clamp or unclamp the system.

Micron precision
The chuck holds tolerances within microns to improve tool precision, surface finish and productivity. Indeed, precision run-out can be measured at <4 μm at 2.5 × DC. Covering all common machine interfaces, CoroChuck 930 is suitable for machine tools that include lathes, machining centres, multi-task machines, and driven tools in turning centres and VTLs. Available in pencil, slender and heavy duty design, the chuck is balanced according to DIN 69888. Tailor Made options can also be specified.




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