Tornos Service is moving to a new site

In order to better serve its customers, Tornos will soon be moving its after-sales service to a new site in Moutier, Switzerland. To find out more, we met with Mathias Damman (left), the new head of the Service department (Tornos Service), and Simon Aebi (right), the head of the spare parts and machine servicing department.


Eurotec: Mr Damman, you’re the new Customer Services manager at Tornos. What are you hoping to achieve?
Matthias Damman: Tornos Service already performs very well; we have a highly motivated and professional team that really responds to the needs of our customers. Of course, there is always scope for improvement, particularly in terms of our responsiveness. The high quality of our services are a key deciding factor for our customers. They will only purchase a machine backed by a good after-sales service, so we need to offer the very best; to reach this objective, we need to gradually lay down a framework, and that is what I will be concentrating on over the next few months. In the coming months, we will also be developing new services to help our customers remain competitive.

ET: So this relocation is part of a global plan aimed at improving the quality of your services?
MD: Yes, because we have really outgrown our current, scattered premises, our new site will provide us with greater storage capacity and a central location. All our spare parts stock will be stored much more efficiently, which will allow us to optimise the flow of parts. All our activities will be under a single roof!

ET: Could you tell us more about the machine servicing you offer, as this will be an integral part of your new location?
Simon Aebi: Of course. We already began offering this service last year, with a capacity of around 12 machines per year, although we soon realised that this would be insufficient to meet demand, particularly for the DECO 10 machines. The first customers have been very pleased. Alongside the reorganisation of our stock, we have decided to place more emphasis on this service at our new location. We are now able to service several machines at once on work stations that boast all the necessary equipment.

New adresses from January first 2015
Tornos SA
Service Dept.
Rue Industrielle 119
CH-2740 Moutier

Hotline machine
SwissType machines
T +41 32 494 43 45
F +41 32 494 49 14
[email protected]

Multispindle machines, latin countries, incl. CH
T +41 32 494 42 49
F +41 32 494 49 14
[email protected]

Multispindle machines, non latin countries
T +41 32 494 42 49
F +41 32 494 49 14
[email protected]

Spare parts
T +41 32 494 43 38
F +41 32 494 49 01
[email protected]


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