2 days left to register for mAm 2015

The 6th edition of the Micronarc Alpine Meeting will be held from February 1-3, 2015 in Villars-sur-Ollon.


1-day passes are still available

Following in the success of the first 5 editions, The Micronarc Alpine Meeting 2015 will continue its focus on equipment and innovative processes and technologies for manufacturing microproducts.

» The speaker program is available here

This 2 day conference is a proven venue for stimulating quality networking and discussions in thecasual atmosphere of Villars, a charming village and ski resort located at 1250 meters of altitude. A selection of invited speakers and presentations will comprise the program. A small, table-top exhibition will be conducted in parallel for those wishing to promote their company and products.

The conference will take place on a Monday and Tuesday, thus permitting participants that wish to arrive early to take advantage of the proximity to the ski lifts or simply relax for a couple of days in a laid-back alpine setting. A conference dinner on Monday evening at 1800 meters of altitude will add a touch of local charm.

As usual, a limited number of participants will be able to attend the event. Don’t miss it!

Please go here for more information and to register.


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Delcam releases new PowerMILL CAM for five-axis and high-speed machining

Delcam has released the 2015 R2 version of its PowerMILL programming software for five-axis and high-speed machining. The new release includes improvements in toolpath simulation and verification, area clearance and drilling, plus more options for customisation by users.

PowerMILL 2015 allows verification of a complete project in one operation.
PowerMILL 2015 allows verification of a complete project in one operation.

In the 2015 R2 release, complete verification can be undertaken of a project for machine-tool issues such as collisions, rather than having to undertake verification of each individual toolpath in turn. Comprehensive verification is performed, including ensuring that the machine tool is capable of running the proposed strategy, as well as checking for both machine-tool collisions and tooling collisions. A detailed list is generated of any problems found so that these can be fixed on a case-by-case basis.

Security check
In related improvement, automatic collision checking of area-clearance toolpaths now takes into account any remaining stock on a model, both when checking the cutter and the tool-holder. In addition, all tool-holder collision checking for area clearance takes place during toolpath calculation, allowing the user to ensure that these toolpaths can be completely free of tool-holder collisions.

There are many more highlights on PowerMILL 2015 R2, you can watch a video demonstrations of the new functionality there: www.delcam.tv/pm2015/lz

Delcam Ltd
Small Heath Business Park,
Birmingham, B10 0HJ, UK
Peter Dickin, Marketing Manager
Direct phone: 0121 683 1081
[email protected]


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A new guy at your service!

On February first, Eurotec will welcome a new Editor-in-Chief. After 6 years of passionate discoveries in the field of microtechnology, the previous guy (I) will leave Eurotec to meet new challenges.

Pierre-Yves Schmid, new Editor-in-Chief and Publisher of Euroted Magazine.
Pierre-Yves Schmid, new Editor-in-Chief and Publisher of Eurotec Magazine.

Thank you all for the exceptional meetings we were able to organize and for your openness in giving me information (in order to allow me write nice articles helping you to communicate in the European microtechnology community).

A Pierre-Yves to replace a Pierre-Yves
Welcome to Pierre-Yves Schmid!
Mr Schmid has a wide experience in the industry, marketing and writing and knows well the European microtechnology community (I’m sure some of you have already met with him in his previous activities as trade show organiser).

Thank you for welcoming him.

His contact information
Pierre-Yves Schmid
+ 41 79 341 40 09

Home office
Pierre-Yves Schmid
Chemin creux 16
2503 Bienne

Otherwise, nothing change! Our team remains at your service.
Regarding advertising and general questions about Eurotec, Ms Nathalie Glattfelder and Véronique Zorzi will carry on to be your contacts.

Again, thanks for 6 outstanding years!


Pierre-Yves (Kohler, yeah I know, it’s complicated now with all those Pierre-Yves)



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New product for punching tools: the E 5590 Elastomer stripper

Meusburger has recently extended its range of punching tool components with the E 5590 stripper. It is made of an elastomer in order to prevent damage to the surface of the punched part.

Meusburger is a leading manufacturer in the field of high-precision standard parts. The E 5590 Elastomer stripper is the latest product of the company.
Meusburger is a leading manufacturer in the field of high-precision standard parts. The E 5590 Elastomer stripper is the latest product of the company.

The accurately fitting contour on the cutting shaft is cut with the first stroke. This ensures zero-play fitting and prevents accidental drawing-in of the strip. The stripper encases the cutting punch, increasing its buckling resistance. The very high contact pressure acting on the strip ensures it is held down during the punching process. The E 5590 stripper from Meusburger is available from stock.

Further information: www.meusburger.com


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Linear motor tool grinders

After much anticipation ANCA launched the new FX Linear range of CNC tool grinders at the Prodex exhibition in Basel in November on the Springmann booth. The range includes 3 models and represents not just a completely new design of machine and colour for ANCA, but also a significant number of new technologies – including cylindrical linear motors for the first time.

The Linear FX7 is the premium of the FX range of tool grinders. It offers exceptional benefits of profitability, flexibility and precision, all with a wide work envelope and a small floor area.
The Linear FX7 is the premium of the FX range of tool grinders. It offers exceptional benefits of profitability, flexibility and precision, all with a wide work envelope and a small floor area.

The models in the range include the FX3 Linear – an entry level model, FX5 Linear which replaces the existing FastGrind machine and the FX7 Linear which replaces existing GX7/RX7 machines.

High-end solution
The FX Linear is a compact machine with a large working envelope. The grinding wheel is positioned on the C-axis centreline which together with the compact design reduces the effects of temperature influence on machine elements. This assists in the thermal stability and rigidity of the machine. The FX machine range includes new generation RN33 software, latest generation AMD5x control system and a high performance CNC.

Linear motor for better results
The FX Linear machines use LinX Linear Motors for accurate axis motion. These have been designed for a lifetime of operation in harsh grinding environments. Their design is fully sealed to IP67 and is impervious to the effects of grinding contamination. With no mechanical moving parts there is no loss of machine accuracy over time due to wear. Higher axis speed and acceleration provides reduced cycle times, resulting in productivity increases for tool manufacturers. High levels of machine precision and performance are achieved, enabling superior tool accuracy and surface finish.

Springmann SA
Route des Falaises 110
CH-2008 Neuchâtel
Tel 032 729 11 22
Fax 032 725 01 01
[email protected]

You can read all the recent articles published on Eurotec about Springmann here.


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40 years at the service of its customers

The recent change at the head of Suvema, the company located in Biberist (SO) doesn’t affect the strategy that has ensured the success of the company for 40 years: personalized high quality service established as corporate culture.

Mr. Robert Haüsler (left) and Mr. Roland Gutknecht before a Citizen machine “boosted” by Suvema.
Mr. Robert Haüsler (left) and Mr. Roland Gutknecht before a Citizen machine “boosted” by Suvema.

To open the company to a new style of management while keeping what makes its strength: this is the challenge of a successful transmission as confirm MM. Robert Haüsler, former owner and Roland Gutknecht, new CEO of Suvema SA.

Pioneer of CNC machine tools
Founded in 1974 for the sales of machine tools, Suvema SA quickly acquires the general representation of Okuma. Growing regularly over the years, the company now represents six world-famous brands, allowing it to occupy an important place in the field of CNC machining in Switzerland. The variety of represented products can cover many sectors of activities: high precision turning (with Citizen sliding headstock lathes), medical (with Okuma CNC machines), the manufacture of tools and moulds (with Bridgeport machining centres) and much more.

To answer to the specific expectations of the customers
But the real strength of the company lies in the fact that no machine, or almost, leave the Biberist plant without having undergone a profound transformation. Adapted to the demands of customers, the machines customized by Suvema SA thus become, by input of various devices, complete machining solutions. Nowadays simple parts, just turned, for example, no longer have much future in Switzerland. We must therefore concentrate on complex parts with great value added. “Machines, capable of producing such parts become also become increasingly complex and we must be able at the same time to propose simplified setting up”, analyses Roland Gutknecht.

Far more than a reseller
The result after customization is often so different from the basic machine that Suvema SA considers itself not only as a reseller, but willingly assumes the role of Integrator and solution provider. Its numerous interventions on the machine give a consequent benefit to the Swiss customers. The machine sold in our country often offers a better performance than the same model sold in other markets. The service vision of Suvema seems to be good because the company sees its market share steadily grow. “The first sale to a customer is to the credit of the salesman. The following are the result of the quality of service”, argues Robert Haüsler.

Suvema AG
Grüttstrasse 106
4562 Biberist
Tel. 032 674 41 11
Fax 032 674 41 10
[email protected]


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Precision power chuck

We’ve just met with Christoph Allemann in charge of sales and marketing with Swisschuck to speak about the new generation of precision powerchuck. The KCHP/VKCHP type chucks are specifically designed for cylindrical grinding machines and every chuck is filled with oil to guarantee an efficient chuck operation. Discovery!

The chuck is the interface between the machine and the part and high precision machines deserve high precision chucking systems.
The chuck is the interface between the machine and the part and high precision machines deserve high precision chucking systems.

The sealed design of these chucks has been further improved to either prevent contamination from swarf and coolant or oil loss. This makes these chucks nearly maintenance-free. The whole chuck design is aimed to ensure long-term accuracy and performance. The KCHP style chuck features a through hole and is drawbar-actuated, typically by a pneumatic cylinder at the back of the machine spindle. The VKCHP style chuck features a coolant or air passage through the center and is actuated by a rotating air tube.

Every single chuck of the new generation KCHP/VKCHP type features precision jig ground locating holes for accurate top jaw location. All locating holes are machined on the chuck under load. Repeating accuracy ≤ 0.002 mm. Changing the top jaws between same size chucks is now possible with consistent accuracy.

Benefits of the new precision power chucks

  • High repeating accuracy of ≤ 0.002 mm
  • Hermetically sealed for long-term performance
  • Light weight and compact design
  • Accurate top jaw location independent of chuck serial number
  • Low maintenance
  • From the pro for the pro!

SwissChuck (former Forkardt Schweiz GmbH) develops and produces highly-precise clamping devices. Christoph Allemann says in conclusion: “You have the workpiece, the grinding machine – we have the suitable high-precision chuck or develop the customised special clamping technique!”. The company regards itself not only as a supplier but also as a partner whom customers can always rely on. Its aim? Once the customer has defined its requirements, Swisschuck generates the best customer benefit.

Whether centric grinding, eccentric grinding, turning or hard turning – SwissChuck is the right partner for workpiece clamping where precision clamping technology is needed.

SwissChuck AG
Industriestrasse 3
CH-8307 Effretikon
Tel. +41 52 355 31 31
Fax. +41 52 343 52 40
[email protected]


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