40 years at the service of its customers

The recent change at the head of Suvema, the company located in Biberist (SO) doesn’t affect the strategy that has ensured the success of the company for 40 years: personalized high quality service established as corporate culture.

Mr. Robert Haüsler (left) and Mr. Roland Gutknecht before a Citizen machine “boosted” by Suvema.
Mr. Robert Haüsler (left) and Mr. Roland Gutknecht before a Citizen machine “boosted” by Suvema.

To open the company to a new style of management while keeping what makes its strength: this is the challenge of a successful transmission as confirm MM. Robert Haüsler, former owner and Roland Gutknecht, new CEO of Suvema SA.

Pioneer of CNC machine tools
Founded in 1974 for the sales of machine tools, Suvema SA quickly acquires the general representation of Okuma. Growing regularly over the years, the company now represents six world-famous brands, allowing it to occupy an important place in the field of CNC machining in Switzerland. The variety of represented products can cover many sectors of activities: high precision turning (with Citizen sliding headstock lathes), medical (with Okuma CNC machines), the manufacture of tools and moulds (with Bridgeport machining centres) and much more.

To answer to the specific expectations of the customers
But the real strength of the company lies in the fact that no machine, or almost, leave the Biberist plant without having undergone a profound transformation. Adapted to the demands of customers, the machines customized by Suvema SA thus become, by input of various devices, complete machining solutions. Nowadays simple parts, just turned, for example, no longer have much future in Switzerland. We must therefore concentrate on complex parts with great value added. “Machines, capable of producing such parts become also become increasingly complex and we must be able at the same time to propose simplified setting up”, analyses Roland Gutknecht.

Far more than a reseller
The result after customization is often so different from the basic machine that Suvema SA considers itself not only as a reseller, but willingly assumes the role of Integrator and solution provider. Its numerous interventions on the machine give a consequent benefit to the Swiss customers. The machine sold in our country often offers a better performance than the same model sold in other markets. The service vision of Suvema seems to be good because the company sees its market share steadily grow. “The first sale to a customer is to the credit of the salesman. The following are the result of the quality of service”, argues Robert Haüsler.

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