RoboJob offers flexible automation solutions

RoboJob is a Belgian company which offers flexible automation solutions for the automated loading and unloading of CNC machines. With over 25 years’ in machining and over 40 years’ experience in machine building, RoboJob can rely on all the needed know-how to build extremely user-friendly standard solutions that can significantly increase gross margins in the machining industry.

Robojob Mill-Assist E at Doosan
Robojob Mill-Assist E at Doosan

Growing labor costs, declining volumes and shrinking margins. These are but a few of the challenges that many machining companies have had to face in recent years. In order to survive, many of these companies have had to find a way to cut costs, while improving the yield of their costly CNC machines. RoboJob now offers a solution that addresses all of these hot topics.
Helmut De Roovere, co-founder and CEO of Belgium-based RoboJob, understands very well which are the challenges that the machining industry is currently facing in the large majority of countries in Western Europe: “Just like many other countries in Western Europe, Germany has a very high cost of labor. But that is not the only cost that is impacting the profitability of machining companies: CNC machines are expensive and can be used much more efficiently. Machining companies need to make significant investments, but unfortunately, their profits are declining. Where the customers of these machining companies used to place large orders of 2.000, 1.000 or 500 individual production items, this has now gone down to 200, 100 or 50 items. Simply because keeping a stock costs money and globalized markets keep prices very competitive
“It’s an understandable trend from the customer’s perspective, but it does have a huge impact on the machining industry,” De Roovere continues. “If you know that the programming of a CNC-machine to produce 1 individual item takes exactly as much time as it does for 1.000 items, then something needs to be done to improve your flexibility and to manage your costs.”

RoboJob is the specialist in the automatic loading and unloading of CNC machines. RoboJob was founded in 2007 as a subsidiary of Aluro-Group NV for the purpose of autonomously dealing with returning the machining industry back to profitability, which has seen its margins decline year after year owing to the changed market situation.
The Turn-Assist and Mill-Assist are integrated solutions which enable the automatic loading and unloading of turning and milling machines. Both systems can be used for a wide range of dimensions (standard ø 5 to 400 mm) and weights (up until 700 kg).