TOLEXPO, France’s leading sheet metal working event celebrates 10 years

Spotlight on the first ever Tolexpo Trophy! Launched for the show in November 2015, the Tolexpo Trophy – which is part of the Midest Trophies ‐ is the only one in France dedicated exclusively to manufacturers of production equipment for sheet, tubing and profile metal working. The Tolexpo Trophy is jointly run by the Tolexpo and Midest organisers. It is open only to Tolexpo exhibitors involved in the Tolexpo new products campaign.


Created in 2009, the aim of this campaign is to promote major new products from the sector during the period between Tolexpo shows (November 2013 to November 2015). After studying each entry, a panel of journalists, engineering centre representatives and Tolexpo and Midest consultants will issue a shortlist of nominees in early October. The winner will be announced at the traditional Midest trophy award ceremony to be held at the Midest trade show after its official opening. This initiative will showcase new products in the sheet metal sector (strengths and performances) presented by equipment manufacturers and retailers. The last show in 2013 saw no fewer than 64 new products exhibited at Tolexpo, including one international launch.

It’s all happening at!
Today, the show’s online portal enables the Tolexpo community to communicate about trades and sectors, stay up to date with sector news throughout the year and grow their professional network thanks to three new features:
• The News section for your profession
• Social networks: Tolexpo on Facebook & Twitter
• The publication of exhibitor press releases

Exhibitor profiles (Key figures Tolexpo 2013)
• More than 200 exhibitors with 46% from abroad
• 71% of exhibitors have supported Tolexpo since it was created in 2005

Tolexpo 2015: eagerly awaited by the entire profession
Targeted visitors looking for new equipment are expected to discover the products and technical innovations offered by suppliers at the show. At Tolexpo, visitors will find solutions to all their needs, whether they are looking to renew or modernise their equipment, begin using new technology, improve their productivity, bring their businesses into line with standards and regulations, etc.
• 11,000 targeted visitors
• Visitors with a strong decision‐making level: 49% decision makers and 36% prescribers
• 62% with concrete investment plans
• Visitors come from (outside France): 19% from abroad, from 65 countries and 29 from Europe

Partnership with Midest and Maintenance Expo: a long‐lasting agreement
The organizers of Tolexpo, Midest, the global show for all industrial subcontracting know‐how, and Maintenance Expo, the maintenance solutions show, are continuing to work together in order to create communication synergies and boost their industry sectors. The major objective is to create a technological showcase which will bring the expertise of sub‐contractors together with that of production equipment manufacturers.
This agreement confirms the close links between these three events, which are positioning themselves to cover the whole of the industrial process, from start to finish, in various business sectors. It offers buyers and principals the opportunity to find solutions to all their needs under one roof:
• equipment and investments with Tolexpo,
• expertise with Midest,
• and services with Maintenance Expo.

Practical information
200 exhibitors with 46% from abroad
Exhibitor profile: manufacturers and distributors of production equipment for sheet metal, tube and section working technologies:
Assembly – Welding – Blanking – Drawing – Forming – Punching ‐ Laser Cutting ‐ Gas Cutting ‐ Plasma Cutting ‐ Water Cutting – Notching – Rolling Slitting – Bending – Shearing – FMS ‐ Plate Edging – Deburring – Degreasing – Washing – Measurement – Monitoring ‐ Cad‐Cam ‐ Roller Forming – Tooling Robotics ‐ Handling Systems – Storing ‐ Press Equipment – Spinning – Protection ‐ Cutting‐To‐Length ‐ Tube and Section – Machining – Beading ‐ Sawing, etc.

Visitors: 11,000 visitors from 65 countries