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SIAMS 2016 – A record level of inquiries

10 months before it will open, the Automation, Mechanics and Subcontracting Fair, which will take place in Moutier from April 19th till April 22nd, 2016, shows a record number of rental requests. On June 22nd, the organizers will unveil new aspects of the fair with the launch of the new website, which is especially dedicated to registrations.

Laurence Gygax, Customer Manager, and Pierre-Yves Kohler, CEO of SIAMS, in front of the new SIAMS corporate-identity visuals.
Laurence Gygax, Customer Manager, and Pierre-Yves Kohler, CEO of SIAMS, in front of the new SIAMS corporate-identity visuals.

Although registrations can only be submitted from June 22nd, the level of anticipated demands is very high. Laurence Gygax, Customer Manager, attributes this phenomenon to the great success of the 2014 event and says: “Our loyal customers have never before been in such a hurry to register, and more than 40 interested new companies have contacted us to date. We have already been contacted quite a lot since March. This bodes well and indicates that SIAMS holds an important place in the strategy of companies active in microtechnology and the precision industry.”

Will there be enough space for everyone?
The rental exhibition surface of nearly 8,000 m2 cannot be expanded and the organizers expect to have to turn people away. CEO Pierre-Yves Kohler explains: “The limited size and number of around 450 exhibitors can be seen as a handicap, but is also one of the strong points of SIAMS. This allows us to offer visitors only stands focusing on the stakeholders of the microtechnology production chain. It is thus possible to organize a one-day visit to Moutier and still have the guarantee of finding the stakeholders that count in the field of European microtechnology.” As a result of this upwardly limited number of exhibitors und the effect of a niche-type trade fair, available stands are quickly rented. If readers are interested, it is recommend to register from June 22 online at

A new communication service for exhibitors
The new SIAMS website is to be a tool at the service of our exhibitors. As early as June of this year, they may use the SIAMS Internet platform to communicate their news to the market. Indeed, once they have registered, they will receive a login and be able to publish their news directly on the SIAMS website. From the very moment of publication, their message can be found on the SIAMS homepage, in the news window, along with the company name and the date of publication. Of course, these news will be linked to the exhibitors’ own profiles, which visitors to the site may also access. “With this service, we want to help our customers to become more visible, not only during the event itself but all over the year”, says Pierre-Yves Kohler.

Z.I. Route de Sorvilier 21
CH-2735 Bévilard
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From June 22, don’t miss the new website 

SIAMS 2016 – for exhibitors and visitors

SIAMS announces a lot of improvements for the 2016 edition of SIAMS to be held in Moutier from April 19th till 22nd, 2016. Given the success of 2014, the satisfaction of the exhibitors and the 17,000 registered visitors, the organizers decided to raise the bar even higher for the 2016 edition. 

The new image of SIAMS is not yet fully determinated. Well publish it as soon as available.
The new image of SIAMS is not yet fully determinated. We will publish it as soon as available.

The 2014 edition of the microtechnology trade fair closed with great success. More than 80% of the exhibitors of SIAMS 2014 said they wanted to participate in the 2016 edition of this fair that has managed to secure its place as an indispensable event for all active players in the field of microtechnology. “If our customers are loyal, it is because over the years we have developed a product that exactly matches their needs and requirements. For four days and in a welcoming and friendly atmosphere, they can get ‘in touch’ with all levels of the microtechnology production chain” Pierre-Yves Kohler, the new CEO of SIAMS explains, who brings a new touch to a full 27 years of success. Francis Koller, the delegate of the board, specifies: “The 2016 edition will bring quite a lot of new things but will, of course, preserve all those things that have ensured the success of SIAMS until today.”

Development of the details that make a difference
SIAMS is well-positioned and clearly presents itself as a specialist fair, but specific elements of its nomenclature were outdated and the organizers have now completed and simplified it. Additive manufacturing clearly has its place in microtechnology but was not part of the fair nomenclature, for instance. “We try to think like our customers, that’s good. But asking them directly, is even better”, Pierre-Yves Kohler explains in the preamble to the formation of the SIAMS Exhibitors’ Committee. In fact, to improve its performance, the fair has set up a committee that brings together companies representing the different products shown and different language regions.
Its declared purpose? To allow customers (whether or not fans of SIAMS) to share their expectations and ideas. “We are convinced that this committee will provide benefits to the exhibitors and SIAMS alike”, Francis Koller added.

A Rejuvenated Image
The registration dossiers for SIAMS 2016 will be sent in June and, on this occasion, anyone interested will be able to discover the new image of the fair. “The goal was not to change for change’s sake, but the image of SIAMS had changed very little in recent years. A dynamic trade fair, which reinvents itself, also needs to revitalize its image”, Pierre-Yves Kohler declared.

Full Halls
For the 15th edition, the organizers expect about 450 exhibitors. The new exhibition halls with a floor space of 7,660 m2 will be completed by then. While registration is not yet possible, a large number of exhibitors confirm their intentions to register every week. The online posting of the registration forms on the website is scheduled for June 22nd, 2015 (the website you will reach till June is still the old one indeed).

In the meantime you can contact the organisers at [email protected]


Apprentis motivés recherchés

La fédération romande de promotion des métiers techniques lance une grande campagne de communication et de promotion des métiers techniques en Suisse romande.


Pour ce faire les organisateurs recherchent des apprentis qui deviendront les ambassadeurs de leurs métiers lors de cette campagne. Le casting est prévu le 23 mai, probablement à Yverdon.

L’avenir du pays
Toutes les études le démontrent, il y a de moins en moins de jeunes à embrasser les vocations techniques et nos industries peinent toujours plus à trouver des jeunes professionnels compétents. Conscients de cet état de fait, les ministres de l’économie et de la formation de l’Arc jurassien ont lancé un projet de valorisation des métiers techniques. La partie communication a été étendue à toute la Suisse romande par le biais de la fédération romande de promotion des métiers techniques.

Une équipe motivée
Le but du casting annoncé est de mettre en place une équipe de jeunes motivés qui constitueront le team #bepog qui représentera les métiers techniques dans la campagne (image, vidéo) qui aura lieu en Suisse romande à la rentrée d’automne. Ces jeunes seront également mobilisés dans le cadre d’actions de street marketing et d’animation de réseaux sociaux.

Le site web pour les inscriptions est en ligne
Une affiche peut être téléchargée ici:

Pour en savoir plus au jour le jour :

180 Enhancements In Radan 2015

The latest release of Radan, from Vero Software, includes enhanced functionality to ensure imported 3D files retain accurate information, resolving manufacturing issues throughout the production process, including at the press brake.

Especially when automatically unfolding an assembly, it can be necessary to specify the top face upfront. The user can now specify which face should be regarded as ‘up’ as a property of the part. It is possible to specify two different top faces, for bending and for cutting (unfolding). If only one top face is selected, this top face will be used for both bending and unfolding.
Especially when automatically unfolding an assembly, it can be necessary to specify the top face upfront. The user can now specify which face should be regarded as ‘up’ as a property of the part. It is possible to specify two different top faces, for bending and for cutting (unfolding). If only one top face is selected, this top face will be used for both bending and unfolding.

A number of the 180 enhancements in Radan 2015 help bring all aspects of the software together – CAD/CAM, Radbend, Radm-ax, Radtube and the logistics products. “When people think of Radan they think of the world’s most powerful sheetmetal CAD/CAM software,” says Product Manager Olaf Körner. “But Radan is actually a whole suite of connected products. For example, there is a major connection between 3D in CAD/CAM and the Radbend press brake software. When manufacturers unfold a model they need to know how the bend process will be affected further down the production line.”

For nesting near-rectangular parts, the user can select the true-shape option and the nester will automatically apply rectangular nesting where appropriate, ensuring the best result. “In previous releases, while the rectangular nester found better nests for near-rectangular parts than the true-shaped nester, the user had to disable true-shape nesting to achieve the desired result.” Radan now creates a more compact nest than ever before, including compensating for centrifugal placement – the technique of placing parts as far removed as possible from the centre of the sheet. Olaf Körner says: “This potentially leaves a large gap in the middle of the sheet, but the compacting functionality offers more off cut areas, and is used on all nests.”

Material Handling
A number of important machine automation functions are built into the software, including significant enhancements to part removal. “In Radan 2015, we’ve increased the amount of validation each Pick instruction requires against a number of parameters.

As well as a new option to use a link from Radbend to Radan 3D to create a heel tool by using the 3D boolean operations on the tool profile and heel profile, Radbend has been strengthened in its control of the hemming process, by specifying the central face as being either above or below, and in the logistics of the press brake operations.



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New design for even more functions

Tornos EvoDeco machines continue to meet the needs of the most demanding bar-turners with ease! Already recognised as highly advanced, this platform is undergoing constant improvement

EvoDECO_10_front copie

During the Journées Horlogères open days (March 3 to 6, 2015), Tornos will unveil a complete overhaul of these iconic machines. We met with Massimo Tidei, project manager, and Philippe Charles, product manager, both of whom work for Tornos.

The fastest machines on the market
“EvoDeco machines are equipped with the best kinematics on the market: no other current solution is able to offer the same level of performance and sophistication as an EvoDeco. It was of crucial importance that we kept ahead of the market in this way, as it is vital to Tornos and to our customers, who need to be the best in their field! The performance of our machines is mirrored by the success to our customers”, notes Philippe Charles.

Fundamental improvements
“In fact, since the trend is towards a reduction in the size of production runs, it is increasingly important that the first parts are perfect. The machine’s thermal system must therefore comprise the shortest possible loops to reduce the warm-up time as much as possible”, Massimo Tidei explains. The machine has also been redesigned in terms of rigidity to ensure it offers improved machining performance. The two new EvoDeco machines are also equipped with cyclical lubrication.

Two machines, 4 versions
Available in versions with 10 or 8 linear axes, EvoDeco 10 and EvoDeco 16 machines take two C axes as standard. The two turning machines are equipped with synchronous motor powered spindles. This technology, unique on this type of machine, means that the machine’s productivity can be increased significantly when machining parts which require frequent spindle stops. The cycle time is reduced by more than 30%!

Many possibilities
In addition to its highly comprehensive equipment, the EvoDeco 16 machine can, for example, be equipped with a B axis for positioning in back operation, which is particularly useful for creating angled implants for the dental industry. The EvoDeco 10 machine, however, can receive up to 3 hobbing devices, one of which can be used in back operation, making it without doubt the fastest hobbing machine on the market!

Tornos SA
Industrielle 111
2740 Moutier
Tel. 141 32 494 44 44
Fax: +41 32 494 49 07
[email protected]


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LSR processing at Medtec Europe 2015

Arburg will present an application for processing liquid silicone (LSR) on exhibition stand no. 5B04 in Hall 5 at the Medtec Europe to be held in Stuttgart from 21 to 23 April 2015.

The electric Allrounder 470 A presented at the Medtec Europe 2015 is specially equipped for processing LSR and use in the medical technology sector.
The electric Allrounder 470 A presented at the Medtec Europe 2015 is specially equipped for processing LSR and use in the medical technology sector.

An electric Allrounder will produce bellows used as a valve in medical test devices. This application is designed to showcase Arburg’s expertise and demonstrate the potential of the LSR material in medical technology, as well as to demonstrate that the clean room connection to the machine via an encapsulated conveyor belt is a cost-effective production solution.

Liquid silicone
“The Medtec Europe is an important meeting point for all the leading companies in the industry. The focus will be on the manufacture of medical technology products. It is the perfect platform for presenting our range of products and services and expertise, as well as maintaining contacts,” says Sven Kitzlinger, who is responsible for application technology consulting in the medical technology sector at Arburg. “We have extensive specialist know-how in the processing of liquid silicone (LSR): Arburg has been developing special injection moulding solutions for processing this liquid material for more than 35 years. The properties of this material make it perfect for medical technology”, explains the expert.

Electric Allrounder for LSR processing
Arburg will present an electric Allrounder 470 A with a clamping force of 1,000 kN and a size 170 injection unit specially equipped for processing LSR. The Allrounder is specially equipped for production in a clean environment and features a laminar-flow box, a stainless steel sorter unit and an extended machine conveyor belt with tunnel housing for docking to the clean room. In addition, the light grey colour and raised machine feet ensure easy cleaning.

Postfach 1109
72286 Lossburg, Germany



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New FeatureCAM includes Vortex milling calculator and more

The 2015 R2 release of Delcam’s FeatureCAM feature-based CAM software incorporates a milling calculator to help users obtain the maximum benefit from the Vortex high-efficiency area-clearance strategy. Other enhancements, among the 280 customer-requested improvements since the initial 2015 release last September, include the ability to create multi-tool blocks within machine designs, better control over toolpath output and more efficient automatic selection of tools.

FeatureCAM 2015 R2 includes the Vortex milling calculator to help users obtain the maximum benefit from the high-efficiency area-clearance strategy.
FeatureCAM 2015 R2 includes the Vortex milling calculator to help users obtain the maximum benefit from the high-efficiency area-clearance strategy.

FeatureCAM was the world’s first feature-based programming software when it was launched in 1995. Constant development since then has ensured that the system has retained its leadership in programming speed and ease of use, while an increased range of strategies has been added to provide more efficient toolpaths that give greater productivity on a wider range of machinery, including mill-turn machines, five-axis mills and wire EDM equipment.

The Vortex area-clearance strategy in FeatureCAM produces safe toolpaths with a much deeper cut by using a controlled engagement angle that maintains the optimum cutting conditions for the whole toolpath. As a result, higher feed rates and material-removal rates are possible, making the cutting time shorter by as much as 70%. In addition, cutting is undertaken at a more consistent volume-removal rate and at a near constant feed rate, so extending tool life and protecting the machine.

The radical nature of Vortex can make it difficult for users to set the optimum parameters when they first apply the strategy. To overcome this problem, Delcam has added a calculator that provides an easy way to maximise productivity and efficiency with Vortex. The calculator uses control of the maximum chip thickness to calculate the appropriate feeds and speeds that will minimise the cutting time while maintaining a consistent load on the cutter.

Full details on the new release, including video demonstrations of the main enhancements, are on the FeatureCAM Learning Zone –
Delcam Ltd
Small Heath Business Park,
Birmingham, B10 0HJ, UK
Peter Dickin, Marketing Manager
Direct phone: 44 (0)121 683 1081
[email protected]


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