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Rotary connector for rotating components: Eisele offers new practical connector from Basicline push-in fitting

Eisele has developed a ball bearing rotary connector. This new addition to series 14 of the Eisele BASICLINE can rotate freely around its own axis. The new rotary connector offers a solution for conveying compressed air from a rigid component to a rotating component.

Eisele developed a new ball bearing rotary connector that conveys compressed air of -0,9 to 16 bar from a rigid component to a rotating component

The new rotary connector, which is designed for an operating pressure range of -0,9 to 16 bar, is suitable for all applications that are compatible with nickel-plated brass. The seals are made of NBR and FKM. The rotary connector is available in a straight and an angled version for tube diameters of eight, ten and twelve millimetres. The screw-in end is equipped with G1/4 threads.
This new push-in connector from series 14 of the BASICLINE is the first fully rotating connector in Eisele’s product spectrum. The rotary movement is enabled by a hybrid stainless steel ball bearing with ceramic balls, which is approved for rotational speeds of up to 800 rpm. Stainless steel versions that are suitable for other operating media will follow.

Der neue bürstenlose 22ECP35-Motor der Ultra-EC-Baureihe Holen Sie sich das perfekte Verhältnis zwischen Drehzahl und Drehmoment zum optimalen Preis

Portescap hat die neue Baureihe Ultra EC™ für bürstenlose Motoren mit der Markteinführung des neuen 2-poligen, bürstenlosen DC-Motors der Reihe 22ECP35 erweitert.


Als Teil unserer Ultra-EC-Baureihe für bürsten- und nutenlose Miniatur-Bewegungslösungen bieten diese kostenoptimierten Motoren 30 Prozent mehr Dauerdrehmoment und 100 Prozent mehr Leistungsstärke gegenüber vergleichbaren Motoren, ohne Kompromisse bei der Laufruhe und langen Lebensdauer einzugehen, was sie von einem bürstenlosen Gleichstrommotor erwarten.

Der bürstenlose DC-Motor der Serie 22ECP35 verfügt über unsere patentierte Ultra-Spulentechnologie, die ein beispielloses Drehmomentverhalten und eine einzigartige Leistungsdichte mit niedrigen Verlusten im Motorkern über einen breiten Betriebsdrehzahlbereich und ohne Reibung oder Bürstenverschleiß bietet.   Der 22ECP35 kann für die meisten Anwendungen auf den Medizin- und Industriemärkten angepasst werden und erhöht dabei die Lebensdauer und Zuverlässigkeit einer Anlage, ohne dabei die Leistung und den Maschinendurchsatz zu beeinträchtigen.

Der neue 22ECP35 ist die ideale Wahl für Anwendungen, wie z. B. batteriebetriebene Handwerkzeuge, Fabrikautomatisierungsanlagen wie elektrische Greifer, menschenähnliche Roboter, Laborautomatisierungstechnik, medizinische Einwegwerkzeuge, Automatisierungsstellantriebe und Anwendungen mit Längenbeschränkungen.

Der 22ECP35 ist in Ausführungen mit einer Länge von 35, 45 und 60 mm mit Hall-Sensoren und insgesamt 4 Spulen erhältlich, damit er Ihren Drehzahl- und Spannungsanforderungen entspricht. Individuelle Optionen einschließlich Getrieben, Encodern und unterschiedlichen Spulenausführungen und unterschiedlichen mechanischen Schnittstellenanpassungen sind bei Portescap auf Anfrage erhältlich.

Portescap ist weltweit ISO 9001:2008-zertifiziert und auch unser Produktionswerk in Indien besitzt die Zertifizierung mit ISO 13485, ISO14001:2004 und OHSAS 18001:2007.

Flexible Lithium-ion rechargeable battery for smartcards, wearables and IoT devices

Panasonic presents innovative flexible batteries that withstand bending and twisting with no loss of function.



At electronica 2016 Panasonic will present innovative, highly flexible Lithium-ion batteries: they can withstand repeated bending with a radius of 25 mm or twisting with a maximum angle of 25 degrees, with no loss of function. The batteries are extremely thin with a height of only 0.55 millimetres, which makes them ideal for use in smartcards and wearable devices.


The durable construction allows use of the innovative rechargeable batteries in diverse applications: batteries in card devices, for example, must be able to withstand bending without becoming defective. Flexibility is also an advantage in wearable devices such as smart watches, since it allows them to be adjusted to the individual user. “Comparable Lithium-ion batteries cannot fulfil these requirements”, according to Takuyuki Okano, Chief Engineer at Panasonic. “Repeated bending of the batteries not only reduces the charge capacity and the life of the battery, but also has a severe impact on their safety.” The new flexible rechargeable battery from Panasonic features excellent quality and is designed for safe and long-lasting operation. In stress tests it retains 99 % of the original capacity even after one thousand bends and twists.


The battery features a stacked electrode construction. A newly designed internal structure and an innovative laminated outer layer ensure that the battery does not leak or overheat during repeated bending and twisting. This rugged construction makes the battery ideal for use in smartwatches and smart clothes in direct contact with the body.


The flexible Lithium-ion battery is currently still in the development phase; serial production is scheduled to start in 2018. The three models planned so far have charge capacities between 17.5 mAh and 60 mAh with a weight of only 0.7 to 1.9 grams.

Lower costs per steel component: new GC4305 from Sandvik Coromant for shorter cycle times in the automotive industry

In the automotive industry, steel continues to be the most important material by far. To further optimize steel machining processes in this industry, Sandvik Coromant has developed GC4305, an insert that offers both extremely high metal removal rates and stable conditions. With its outstanding performance at high cutting data and its dry machining capability, it offers companies the benefit of reduced cycle times and lower costs per component.


Cutting tool and tooling systems specialist Sandvik Coromant introduces the new GC4305, an insert for steel turning that maximizes metal removal rates, shortens processing times and enables superior component quality. The outstanding performance it delivers at high temperatures and high cutting data makes GC4305 especially efficient at cutting steel components. With the company’s wear-resistant Inveio™ coating, this new grade of insert achieves the long tool life that is so crucial in the highly competitive automotive industry.

The innovative, heat-resistant cutting material is also suitable for dry machining, making it the ideal solution for automotive component manufacturers seeking to avoid the stresses to which tools are subjected from unwanted temperature fluctuations. This, too, results in a longer tool life. In combination with the high processing speeds typical of dry machining, costs per component can be substantially reduced. Costs are further lowered by decreasing costs for cooling lubricant, recycling and disposal, thanks to, among other things, the elimination of cooling lubricants and associated wastes, lower capital investment, and cheaper disposal of chips.

Schneeberger MINISLIDE micro frictionless tables: compact and precise for maximum productivity

Where maximum precision and processing reliability are required in minimal space, the MINISLIDE miniature tables offer outstanding solutions. These new-generation Schneeberger miniature guideways are also extremely rigid and provide a high level of smoothness. Problematic cage creep is completely eliminated or at least reduced significantly.

MSQ miniature tables offer maximum precision resulting from a high level of system rigidity. In addition, cage creep is completely eradicated.
MSQ miniature tables offer maximum precision resulting from a high level of system rigidity. In addition, cage creep is completely eradicated.

The MINISLIDE miniature guideways are available in two designs, MSQ and MS, with rail widths of between 4 and 15 mm and with different strokes. All of this equates to low weight and excellent load carrying capacity and rigidity.
The MINISLIDE miniature tables MSQ 7, 9, 12 and 15 are characterised by a four track design. Large, internal spacings are achieved thanks to their special arrangement. Combined with the tracks offset of 90 degrees, they are able to continuously absorb high forces from all directions and guarantee enormous moment rigidity. As a high number of rolling elements are utilised, system rigidity is enhanced thereby ensuring a high level of precision.
Furthermore, developers of the MSQ miniature guideways have succeeded in completely eliminating cage creep with a well-engineered, robust cage control system. The gear racks are directly incorporated into carriages and rails. Cage and gearwheel are made of premium plastic materials. This compact, robust design and a minimum number of integral components ensure maximum reliability in every operating situation. Even vertical installation or temperature fluctuations will not result in cage creep. This all results in higher ratings for travel speeds and accelerations and thereby reducing cycle times. The bottom line is that you can enjoy trouble-free operation guaranteeing more productive time.
Amongst the special features of the MINISLIDE MS 4 and MS 5 are the fact that they support load capacities ten times greater than traditional 90 degree V profiles, due to the Gothic arch profile of the tracks. External influences, such as uneven load distribution or high accelerations, on this type of linear slide can cause the cage to move off centre as the cage can move freely along its longitudinal axis. Re-centring it by means of corrective strokes takes time and energy. Schneeberger engineers have now succeeded in significantly reducing cage creep in the MS range with 2 important design features : The miniature tables are fitted with single piece cages and in addition, an integrated cage centring piece helps to quickly re-centre the offset cage.

New positioning system doubles positioning speed for 450 mm

Known for innovation, Swiss firm Schneeberger AG Lineartechnik is currently developing a new positioning and movement system that will bear the name Double Gantry. Initial tests and analyses prove that speed of positioning can be almost doubled in applications such as wafer production. The Double Gantry should be on the market from mid-2014.

As of mid-2014, with the Double Gantry Swiss company Schneeberger AG will bring to market a positioning system which can almost double the production speed of wafer manufacturing production and testing systems.
As of mid-2014, with the Double Gantry Swiss company Schneeberger AG will bring to market a positioning system which can almost double the production speed of wafer manufacturing production and testing systems.

Mobile telephones, tablets, laptops and many other, routine electronic products are becoming ever more efficient and/or smaller. This is due to the semiconductor chips, miniaturisation of which seems to be endless. Inserting and testing structures (data highways) in these tiny electronic parts requires systems whose accuracy of movement has to be within micrometres and nanometres. The major chip manufacturers also expect optimum speed, as this has a direct impact on profit. In addition to the optical system, in order to best satisfy the requirements efficient positioning units are in great demand in production and test facilities. They ensure that the wafers dotted with hundreds of chips are quickly and accurately positioned.

Schneeberger AG is a leading provider of such movement systems. Markus Kindler, the company’s Engineering Systems Manager, explains: “There are major differences between the precision requirements of our customers and end users. Ever greater positioning accuracy, which falls within tolerances of tens or hundreds of nanometres for a movement area of 250,000 mm2 is, however, expected with progressive miniaturisation.” To explain: the ratio between a nanometre and a metre is roughly equivalent to the difference between the size of a hazelnut and the Earth.

Double Gantry: less weight, more speed
With their sights on greater efficiency, Schneeberger’s engineers are currently developing a new positioning system, which has already been comprehensively tested. The initial results are a reason for Markus Kindler to expect a real quantum jump in terms of increased performance: “We are assuming that the Double Gantry will double positioning speed in semiconductor chip testing, which will ultimately considerably increase productivity.”

The name Double Gantry reflects the decisive technical principle: two gantry axes are used. The X and Y axes are uncoupled. This is possible by arranging them in a cross and achieving independent movement through multiple guide rails. This innovative structure means the lower axis does not have to bear the weight of the upper axis, which massively reduces the lower axis’s speed in the usual stacked configuration. In the Double Gantry, the X and Y axes each bear their own weight, as well as that of the axis of rotation, the wafer and the clamp system.

Best values in terms of speed to precision
Speed and precision are equally important for achieving a high production speed. In the final analysis it’s a question of approaching clearly defined structures as quickly and accurately as possible. Production speed suffers if a positioning system moves quickly to a defined position, but has to be adjusted there for a long time due to lack of precision. It is therefore worth approaching the predefined structures quickly and accurately.

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Robust fixed pipe connections made of metal

The innovative piping system Eisele Alu Pro 30 with screw connections for metal pipes is the first product line of the new Pipingline. The modular system for fixed pipe connections of the compressed air supply for assembly lines sets new standards in every respect for the distribution of compressed air, gases and fluids.

The Pipingline Alu Pro 30 allows customised and flexible system design. The available components include double threaded connections, straight screw-in connections as well as angle, corner and tee connections.
The Pipingline Alu Pro 30 allows customised and flexible system design. The available components include double threaded connections, straight screw-in connections as well as angle, corner and tee connections.

Compressed air offers numerous benefits: it is clean and simple to use, flexible in application and easy to regulate. A new compressed air system from Eisele Pneumatics GmbH & Co. KG. offers all of these features: high quality, easy assembly and exceptional flexibility.

Fixed pipe connections set new standards
This high-quality system withstands every load and fulfils the most stringent requirements for piping technology. The robust high-quality aluminium construction is as functional as it is attractive. No machining of the pipe ends is necessary during installation. It can also be used to easily retrofit existing systems or add additional distributors.

Safe, reliable and flexible
Alu Pro 30 is also convincing with respect to flexibility. The modular system is very easy to install, saving material, time and resources during plant construction. The patented fixed pipe connection saves costs of up to 50 percent compared with a conventional compressed air supply with aluminium profiles. Firstly, profiles are more expensive than the less massive pipes and secondly, Alu Pro 30 ensures significantly higher efficiency of the compressed air supply, while operating safely, reliably and controllably at pressures from -0.95 to 16 bar. Therefore, Alu Pro 30 is also vacuum suitable.

Modular kit for custom systems
All components are designed for optimum flow and are manufactured from anodised aluminium. The modular kit includes distributors with two to six outlets, pipe supports, double threaded connections, straight male threaded fittings, as well as angle, corner and tee connectors. All connections are designed for aluminium pipes with a 30 mm outer diameter. High flexibility and individual solutions are standard at Eisele. On request, custom sizes, types and special accessories are therefore possible. So far Eisele has added around 2,000 custom solutions to its standard product spectrum.

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