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RoboJob offers flexible automation solutions

RoboJob is a Belgian company which offers flexible automation solutions for the automated loading and unloading of CNC machines. With over 25 years’ in machining and over 40 years’ experience in machine building, RoboJob can rely on all the needed know-how to build extremely user-friendly standard solutions that can significantly increase gross margins in the machining industry.

Robojob Mill-Assist E at Doosan
Robojob Mill-Assist E at Doosan

Growing labor costs, declining volumes and shrinking margins. These are but a few of the challenges that many machining companies have had to face in recent years. In order to survive, many of these companies have had to find a way to cut costs, while improving the yield of their costly CNC machines. RoboJob now offers a solution that addresses all of these hot topics.
Helmut De Roovere, co-founder and CEO of Belgium-based RoboJob, understands very well which are the challenges that the machining industry is currently facing in the large majority of countries in Western Europe: “Just like many other countries in Western Europe, Germany has a very high cost of labor. But that is not the only cost that is impacting the profitability of machining companies: CNC machines are expensive and can be used much more efficiently. Machining companies need to make significant investments, but unfortunately, their profits are declining. Where the customers of these machining companies used to place large orders of 2.000, 1.000 or 500 individual production items, this has now gone down to 200, 100 or 50 items. Simply because keeping a stock costs money and globalized markets keep prices very competitive
“It’s an understandable trend from the customer’s perspective, but it does have a huge impact on the machining industry,” De Roovere continues. “If you know that the programming of a CNC-machine to produce 1 individual item takes exactly as much time as it does for 1.000 items, then something needs to be done to improve your flexibility and to manage your costs.”

RoboJob is the specialist in the automatic loading and unloading of CNC machines. RoboJob was founded in 2007 as a subsidiary of Aluro-Group NV for the purpose of autonomously dealing with returning the machining industry back to profitability, which has seen its margins decline year after year owing to the changed market situation.
The Turn-Assist and Mill-Assist are integrated solutions which enable the automatic loading and unloading of turning and milling machines. Both systems can be used for a wide range of dimensions (standard ø 5 to 400 mm) and weights (up until 700 kg).

New design for even more functions

Tornos EvoDeco machines continue to meet the needs of the most demanding bar-turners with ease! Already recognised as highly advanced, this platform is undergoing constant improvement

EvoDECO_10_front copie

During the Journées Horlogères open days (March 3 to 6, 2015), Tornos will unveil a complete overhaul of these iconic machines. We met with Massimo Tidei, project manager, and Philippe Charles, product manager, both of whom work for Tornos.

The fastest machines on the market
“EvoDeco machines are equipped with the best kinematics on the market: no other current solution is able to offer the same level of performance and sophistication as an EvoDeco. It was of crucial importance that we kept ahead of the market in this way, as it is vital to Tornos and to our customers, who need to be the best in their field! The performance of our machines is mirrored by the success to our customers”, notes Philippe Charles.

Fundamental improvements
“In fact, since the trend is towards a reduction in the size of production runs, it is increasingly important that the first parts are perfect. The machine’s thermal system must therefore comprise the shortest possible loops to reduce the warm-up time as much as possible”, Massimo Tidei explains. The machine has also been redesigned in terms of rigidity to ensure it offers improved machining performance. The two new EvoDeco machines are also equipped with cyclical lubrication.

Two machines, 4 versions
Available in versions with 10 or 8 linear axes, EvoDeco 10 and EvoDeco 16 machines take two C axes as standard. The two turning machines are equipped with synchronous motor powered spindles. This technology, unique on this type of machine, means that the machine’s productivity can be increased significantly when machining parts which require frequent spindle stops. The cycle time is reduced by more than 30%!

Many possibilities
In addition to its highly comprehensive equipment, the EvoDeco 16 machine can, for example, be equipped with a B axis for positioning in back operation, which is particularly useful for creating angled implants for the dental industry. The EvoDeco 10 machine, however, can receive up to 3 hobbing devices, one of which can be used in back operation, making it without doubt the fastest hobbing machine on the market!

Tornos SA
Industrielle 111
2740 Moutier
Tel. 141 32 494 44 44
Fax: +41 32 494 49 07
[email protected]


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40 years at the service of its customers

The recent change at the head of Suvema, the company located in Biberist (SO) doesn’t affect the strategy that has ensured the success of the company for 40 years: personalized high quality service established as corporate culture.

Mr. Robert Haüsler (left) and Mr. Roland Gutknecht before a Citizen machine “boosted” by Suvema.
Mr. Robert Haüsler (left) and Mr. Roland Gutknecht before a Citizen machine “boosted” by Suvema.

To open the company to a new style of management while keeping what makes its strength: this is the challenge of a successful transmission as confirm MM. Robert Haüsler, former owner and Roland Gutknecht, new CEO of Suvema SA.

Pioneer of CNC machine tools
Founded in 1974 for the sales of machine tools, Suvema SA quickly acquires the general representation of Okuma. Growing regularly over the years, the company now represents six world-famous brands, allowing it to occupy an important place in the field of CNC machining in Switzerland. The variety of represented products can cover many sectors of activities: high precision turning (with Citizen sliding headstock lathes), medical (with Okuma CNC machines), the manufacture of tools and moulds (with Bridgeport machining centres) and much more.

To answer to the specific expectations of the customers
But the real strength of the company lies in the fact that no machine, or almost, leave the Biberist plant without having undergone a profound transformation. Adapted to the demands of customers, the machines customized by Suvema SA thus become, by input of various devices, complete machining solutions. Nowadays simple parts, just turned, for example, no longer have much future in Switzerland. We must therefore concentrate on complex parts with great value added. “Machines, capable of producing such parts become also become increasingly complex and we must be able at the same time to propose simplified setting up”, analyses Roland Gutknecht.

Far more than a reseller
The result after customization is often so different from the basic machine that Suvema SA considers itself not only as a reseller, but willingly assumes the role of Integrator and solution provider. Its numerous interventions on the machine give a consequent benefit to the Swiss customers. The machine sold in our country often offers a better performance than the same model sold in other markets. The service vision of Suvema seems to be good because the company sees its market share steadily grow. “The first sale to a customer is to the credit of the salesman. The following are the result of the quality of service”, argues Robert Haüsler.

Suvema AG
Grüttstrasse 106
4562 Biberist
Tel. 032 674 41 11
Fax 032 674 41 10
[email protected]


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TISIS 1.4, new developments for the end of the year

The first immediately noticeable change in this new version of the Tornos tool is in the name of the product: from now on, the software suite will be called “TISIS” which stands for “Tornos ISO Swiss Integrated Solution”.
But there is much more to discover, see the menu for the latest developments.

The TISIS software suite features a new TISIS-Screen application for monitoring the machine inventory. This Windows application is an add-on supplied with the connectivity pack and also enables machine tool support catalogues or workpiece programs to be transferred or recovered.

Swiss GT26 & CT20
With the arrival of two new machines to the Tornos product range – the Swiss GT26 & CT20 – TISIS is the perfect addition for programming workpieces on these machines. Moreover, TISIS now offers program models in inches.

Workpiece time
One of the key new developments in TISIS version 1.4 is the calculation of the workpiece time. This value is actually calculated automatically when the workpiece is programmed. The following values are displayed: Workpiece time in seconds [s], Number of workpieces per minute [p/min] and Number of workpieces per hour [p/h].

Time diagram
In addition to automatically calculating the workpiece time, TISIS displays a time diagram based on the operations and the synchronisations between them. This is in the form of a Gantt chart, as this also enables the critical path to be displayed, giving a visual representation of the operations influencing workpiece time. The diagram is also refreshed automatically. It is also possible to display the time columns directly alongside the workpiece program.

TISIS WebStore
The design and features of the TISIS website have been updated: the new graphic design links to the official Tornos site. Its interface is now available in multiple languages (FR, DE, EN etc.) and customers have secure access to activate and manage their TISIS3 licences, or even subscribe to the newsletter (to stay up-to-date on the available upgrades and new developments, etc.).

If you have yet to purchase the TISIS software, it can be downloaded from the Tornos WebStore for a free 30-day trial here:

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Opera Perfetta – just perfect!

Swiss company TS Décolletage SA has its headquarters in Bedano in the canton of Ticino and specialises in special turned parts (TS = Torniture Speciali). It is an SME that has carved itself out a reputation for excellence. Making the absolutely impossible possible is the motto by which the two company owners, Cifà and Pedretti, run their business.
And the only way this is possible is in partnership with companies who really deliver, such as Tornos and Motorex. Once again, the kind of machining fluid used is crucial to production results, as the success story with Ortho NF-X 15 (manufactured in the Sottoceneri area of Switzerland) goes to show.

High precision turning in Ticino
Specialist bar-turning companies are relatively thin on the ground in Ticino, despite the presence in Switzerland’s southernmost canton of a number of production facilities belonging to manufacturers of international renown representing a wide range of technology sectors. TS Décolletage SA has therefore been able to establish working relationships with well-known customers from the medical and dental industries, the electronics industry and the aerospace industry, as well as other industries such as the micromotor-construction industry.

“Perfetto” with Motorex Ortho NF-X
After their experiences with products from other lubricant suppliers, the value of using the optimal machining fluid really hit home with the company’s owners. At first glance, one type of cutting oil may appear to be very much the same as another, but it is when they are used for demanding applications that the differences really start to show in terms of the dimensional accuracy, finish (average peak-to-valley height), tool life and part-machining time that can be achieved. It was at this point that the universal high-performance cutting oil Ortho NF-X from Motorex revealed its intrinsic qualities, demonstrating a significant reduction in the time it took to machine the part intended for use in the medical industry mentioned above – an unbelievable 31% when put to the test!

Pays off from every aspect
It goes without saying that this feat was achieved whilst still complying with the strict tolerances and required finish. With Swisscut Ortho NF-X machining fluid, which is free from chlorine and heavy metals, Motorex has, using this very same cutting oil, succeeded in perfectly machining high-alloy steel grades or implant steels, as well as non-ferrous heavy metals and aluminium. This is an absolute first in modern manufacturing technology, and ensures a maximum of latitude for the user. It allows the machining fluid to be used throughout the whole company without restrictions, for all machines and machining processes. This is also extremely beneficial from a logistical point of view, and means that it certainly pays off from a financial point of view.

TS Décolletage SA
Via ai Gelsi 13
CH-6930 Bedano
Tel. +41 91 604 50 88
Fax: +41 91 605 61 64

Motorex AG Langenthal
After-sales service
CH-4901 Langenthal
Tel. +41 62 919 74 74
Fax +41 62 919 76 96


You can download the full article in French/English/German here.


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New small Swiss type late 12 mm capacity

After AMB, we discussed about the new Star SW 12 RII in Micronora. The company’s representatives are very confident that the machine may be a hit on the market.
A combination of the opposing gang-type tool post and the tool post designed for back 8-spindle unit with Y-axis control function eases quick and flexible machining of complicated parts.

Productivity, accuracy and high functionality
Based on the famous SW7, the machine has been designed to tackle challenges of today in term of productivity, accuracy and possibilities. With the 15’000 rpm main and counter spindles and 29 tool positions as well as many devices for operations like thread whirling, angular hole drilling, polygon processing, hobbing and more, the machine is perfectly in tune with a broad range of complex machining. With the independent tool gangs, roughing and finishing operations can be done simultaneously.

A few other characteristics

  • The guide bush and non-guide bush types can be switched over depending on the total workpiece length, and drastically reduces remnant material lengths.
  • The Star Motion Control System eliminates machine vibration by controlling the smooth spindle movement.
  • The built-in type main and sub spindles achieve improved indexing accuracy.
  • The back 8-spindle unit is equipped with Y-axis control function.

Want to know more about Star?
In Europe
Head office Europe
STAR Micronics AG
Lauetstrasse 3
CH-8112 Otelfingen
Tél. +41 43 411 60 60
Fax  +41 43 411 60 66

In Germany
STAR Micronics GmbH
Untere Reute 44
D-75305 Neuenbürg
Tel.: +49 (7082) 79 20 0
Fax.: +49 (7082) 79 20 20

In France
STAR Machine Tool France
90 Allée de Glaisy
FR-74300 Thyez
[email protected]
Administration / Service
Tel. +33 450 96 05 97
Fax +33 450 96 91 54


Next occasion to meet with Star’s specialists? Bimu-Milan, Maktek-Istambul, TIB-Bucarest and Prodex-Basel.

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AMB starts today in Stuttgart

AMB, International Exhibition for Metal Working, is regarded as the leading industry event in even years and ranks among the world’s top 5 exhibitions for this industry.

The mechanical and control systems of the SW20 are designed to minimize non-cutting time to the utmost level. At the AMB, the company will unveil the new 12 mm caoacity machine.
The mechanical and control systems of the Star SW20 are designed to minimize non-cutting time to the utmost level. At the AMB, the company will unveil the new 12 mm capacity machine.

The time has come: more than 1,300 exhibitors from almost thirty countries will present the latest developments in machine tools, precision tools and their associated products for metal cutting. AMB will be the industry highlight in 2014.

Many news to be discovered
We cannot describe all the innovative products to be discovered there, let’s just see a few Highlights (indeed among others)

  • Affolter Technologies will unveil the AF110 as well as new original devices
  • DMG will present the news Sprint 20/5
  • Esco will present the D5 Twin
  • Index will present the ABC65
  • Star will present the new SW12 and ST20
  • Tornos will present the new Swiss GT 26 and CT20
  • Traub will show the TNK42
  • Willemin-Macodel will present the ultra-compact 308B

Not to be missed
16.09.  –  20.09.2014
Messe Stuttgart
Tuesday to Friday from 09.00 am to 06.00 pm
Saturday from 09.00 am to 05.00 pm

We will post further news on the show later, stay tuned.



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