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2 days left to register for mAm 2015

The 6th edition of the Micronarc Alpine Meeting will be held from February 1-3, 2015 in Villars-sur-Ollon.


1-day passes are still available

Following in the success of the first 5 editions, The Micronarc Alpine Meeting 2015 will continue its focus on equipment and innovative processes and technologies for manufacturing microproducts.

» The speaker program is available here

This 2 day conference is a proven venue for stimulating quality networking and discussions in thecasual atmosphere of Villars, a charming village and ski resort located at 1250 meters of altitude. A selection of invited speakers and presentations will comprise the program. A small, table-top exhibition will be conducted in parallel for those wishing to promote their company and products.

The conference will take place on a Monday and Tuesday, thus permitting participants that wish to arrive early to take advantage of the proximity to the ski lifts or simply relax for a couple of days in a laid-back alpine setting. A conference dinner on Monday evening at 1800 meters of altitude will add a touch of local charm.

As usual, a limited number of participants will be able to attend the event. Don’t miss it!

Please go here for more information and to register.


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TISIS 1.4, new developments for the end of the year

The first immediately noticeable change in this new version of the Tornos tool is in the name of the product: from now on, the software suite will be called “TISIS” which stands for “Tornos ISO Swiss Integrated Solution”.
But there is much more to discover, see the menu for the latest developments.

The TISIS software suite features a new TISIS-Screen application for monitoring the machine inventory. This Windows application is an add-on supplied with the connectivity pack and also enables machine tool support catalogues or workpiece programs to be transferred or recovered.

Swiss GT26 & CT20
With the arrival of two new machines to the Tornos product range – the Swiss GT26 & CT20 – TISIS is the perfect addition for programming workpieces on these machines. Moreover, TISIS now offers program models in inches.

Workpiece time
One of the key new developments in TISIS version 1.4 is the calculation of the workpiece time. This value is actually calculated automatically when the workpiece is programmed. The following values are displayed: Workpiece time in seconds [s], Number of workpieces per minute [p/min] and Number of workpieces per hour [p/h].

Time diagram
In addition to automatically calculating the workpiece time, TISIS displays a time diagram based on the operations and the synchronisations between them. This is in the form of a Gantt chart, as this also enables the critical path to be displayed, giving a visual representation of the operations influencing workpiece time. The diagram is also refreshed automatically. It is also possible to display the time columns directly alongside the workpiece program.

TISIS WebStore
The design and features of the TISIS website have been updated: the new graphic design links to the official Tornos site. Its interface is now available in multiple languages (FR, DE, EN etc.) and customers have secure access to activate and manage their TISIS3 licences, or even subscribe to the newsletter (to stay up-to-date on the available upgrades and new developments, etc.).

If you have yet to purchase the TISIS software, it can be downloaded from the Tornos WebStore for a free 30-day trial here:

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EVOL – a new trade show+ in Switzerland

At Micronora we discovered the first step of communication of a new trade show that will take place in Switzerland from October 14 to 16, 2015. EVOL: Exhibition for Vision, Optics and Laser.
This event will take place in the new Swiss Tech Convention Center of EPFL in Lausanne and will offer a new platform of exchange for Laser (including additive manufacturing), optics and metrology.

A new event with different assets
Meeting point of technologies and products of the future, EVOL will allow exhibitors to:

  • Show their products and assets with a good visibility
  • Take advantages of the EPFL location, i.e. meet with highly skilled specialists and start-ups
  • Benefit of high level meeting and conferences

We will come back on this event soon.


MNE 2014 starts today

The 40th International Conference on Micro and Nano Engineering, Lausanne, Switzerland – September 22 − 26, 2014, Venue: Swiss Tech Convention Center, EPFL
Over 800 persons have registered for MNE 2014 and the short course and exhibition are now full. On-site registration is still possible.

MNE 2014 Program Highlights
At the heart of MNE is the scientific program, and the organisers have the pleasure to announce outstanding keynote speakers with the MNE 2014 fellowship recipient Prof. Dieter Kern, the astronaut and space scientist, Prof. Claude Nicolier who will take attendess to a journey beyond the Earth’s gravity. Dr Burn Lin will present the microlectronics manufacturing research strategy at TSMC, the coordinator of the EU Flagship project Prof Jari Kinaret will share with us the latest advances with graphene, IBM’s fellow Dr Stuart Parkin will tell us about the exciting field of Magnetic Nanodevices and, last but not least, Prof. Albert van den Berg will present his worldwide recognized activities in Lab-on-a-Chip.  Additionally 19 world-leading invited speakers will complement this rich programme.


Complete information and details on



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Microfabrication processes explained

FSRM just announced a new course on microfabrication processes. The course will provide participants with a systematic overview of micro- and nanomanufacturing processes for micromechanical components and Microsystem Technology (MST), as well as their characteristics.
A systematic method is presented to facilitate the selection of a manufacturing process for micromechanical components described by a requirement list. By the end of the course, participants will learn how to select an adequate process for a specific component, with regard to both technical feasibility and economic aspects.

21.10.2014 – 22.10.2014 – 08:45 – 16:00 – Zürich (CH), Technopark

Target group
The course is structured to appeal to R & D managers and engineers, business development managers and a wide range of R & D staff from companies and institutes involved in the development and production of microdevices.


  • Systematic overview of MST fabrication processes such as: lithography for MST; wet, dry, surface, bulk, and silicon micromachining; thin film technique; high aspect-ratio etching; LIGA; molding; laser-induced processes; mechanical micromachining; photostructuring of glass and glass ceramics; µ-EDM; stereolithography and other rapid prototyping methods; wafer bonding
  • Nanotechnology: Nanostructuring, nanomaterials, nanoelectromechanical systems, etc.
  • Relevant characteristics of fabrication processes: range of materials, variety of forms and structures that can be obtained, aspect ratio, range of dimensions, industrial use, throughput/cost ratio in mass production, possible combinations with other processes
  • Method for systematic selection of fabrication processes for micromechanical components described by the component requirement list
  • Case studies

For more information and subscription: go to the FSRM website here.



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Showcase for Micro, Precision, Mems and Nano manufacturing

Micro | Nano | Mems 2014 is the UK’s must go to showcase for micro, precision, mems and nano manufacturing technologies and will be taking place on the 30th September and 1st October at the NEC in Birmingham.

To be discovered at the show: human hair with Nanoscribe lettering (image Nanoscribe).
To be discovered at the show: human hair with Nanoscribe lettering (image Nanoscribe).

Approaching its 7th annual edition, the event is set to stage the definitive showcase for Micro, Precision, Mems and Nano manufacturing technologies and is an essential visit for any engineering and manufacturing organisations calendar. Free-to-attend, the exhibition will feature state-of-the-art live machine demonstrations and will play host to exhibitors covering the full spectrum of micro, precision, mems and nano manufacturing solutions. Visiting professionals will be able to discuss all their requirements with a wide variety of companies.

Advanced manufacturing
The show will provide a platform for companies looking to demonstrate the very latest in micro and nano manufacturing technologies to companies and organisations working in the dynamic and fast developing world of advanced manufacturing. From precision diamond machining and micro milling to micro injection moulding, from 3D printing to metrology test equipment and micro-fluidics fabrication there will be something for everyone who has an interest in the very latest manufacturing technologies.

Extensive seminar programme
The event will also feature an extensive seminar programme which will examine some of the key markets benefiting from these new innovative technologies as well as providing a platform to discuss the latest applications and developments in micro machining technologies. For the second year running the show will be co-locating with Sensors & Instrumentation; The Machine Building Show and TCT. In addition these shows will also be joining forces with Interplas and the PPMA show which had over 12,000 visitors when they were last held together.

Micro | Nano | Mems 2014
September 30th – October 1st 2014. Hall 3
The National Exhibition Centre (NEC) Birmingham, UK




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Gear cutting at the forefront of technology

In microtechnology, gear cutting is an operation adding value and if it is possible to realise the parts by different means, the use of a dedicated machine remains very often the best solution. Meeting with Mr. Sébastien Giran, responsible for marketing at Affolter Technologies SA.
“Gear cutting in small diameters is our specialty and we are able to propose the most effective solutions by offering the best quality to our customers” says the Manager to start. In this logic of answering to the needs of its customers, the company now presents two highly anticipated novelties:

  • Double clamping with F10 collets on the AF 100 machine
  • Offset system of the milling cutter on AF 110 for the realisation of wormscrews

Watchmakers looking for the solution
The realisation of high quality castle-wheel and crown-wheel at high speed remained a problem to solve. …until today. Equipped with a pneumatic system of clamping force adjustable continuously, the device allows working on both sides with collet clamping automatically shifted from one side to the other. It’s easy to imagine the gain on cycle time, but what about precision? “As we align the two collets relatively one to the other with fine tuning, we guarantee concentricity and precision” says the manager.

New possibilities for (new) markets
It is the first time that the opportunity to cut straight or helical wormscrews is available on Affolter machines. This option can be easily mounted on the B-spindle nose and moves the cutting tool of 90°. The milling cutter is then parallel to the part. The tilting axe of the milling cutter is the same as with a classical nose, i.e. between -45° / 30°, but with an offset of 90° (-135° / -60°). The flexibility of adjustment allows the realisation of wormscrews with a maximum length of 90 mm and maximum diameter of 60 mm with ease. This device will be presented at several trade shows taking place in the last quarter of 2014.

To be discovered in Germany, Italy and Japan
It is a record year for Affolter Technologies in terms of exhibitions, since in 2014 the company is present at 14 events in 9 countries. The next opportunities to meet with the company’s specialists will be AMB, Bimu and Jimtof.

Affolter Technologies SA
Grand Rue 76
CH-2735 Malleray
Tel: + 41 32 491 70 00
Fax: + 41 32 491 70 05
[email protected]


You can discover all the recents articles on Affolter Technologies here.



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