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De-industrialisation may wipe out Europe’s innovation capacity

The European Association of the Machine Tool industries, CECIMO, launched its ‘Study on the Competitiveness of the European Machine Tool Industry’ with a roundtable meeting at the European Parliament on 21 March, which brought together industry and Members of the European Parliament (MEPs). Prepared by a voluntary group of industrialists coordinated by CECIMO, the study provides a comprehensive snapshot of the European machine tool industry in the post-crisis era.

Michael Hauser, Vice-President of Cecimo and CEO of Tornos.


The event was titled: “Made in Europe? Challenges facing the EU’s machine tool industry”. The findings of the CECIMO study reveal that the share of European machine tool production has been in decline over the last decade, owing mainly to the shift of markets to Asia. “Driven by the rise of China, Asia has become truly ‘the factory of the world’ over the past decade. Today, Asia consumes more 66% of the world’s machine tool production and China alone absorbs 50% of this. The share of European consumption in world consumption has dropped from 40% to one fifth over the last decade, the share which was obviously lost to Asia” explained Michael Hauser, Vice-President of CECIMO, CEO of Tornos S.A. to MEPs present in the meeting.

“Mission impossible”
Machine tools are the basic building blocks of the industrialisation of a country. Emerging countries increasingly invest in production systems provided largely by the European machine tool industry to build up their manufacturing base. “This is good news for our companies as their exports to China and Asia are booming. However, the bad news is that our customers relocate outside Europe and we are forced to follow them to other markets. Expanding to Asian markets is almost ‘a mission impossible’ for an SME employing a hundred people”, the CECIMO Vice-President stated.

You can download the whole report here.

€ action for European companies

You can communicate straight to the point on the Swiss Market with the Eurotec special action for this end of 2011! We all face the world complicated situation and we at Eurotec decided to cut our margins for a limited time (indeed we can’t always do that if we want to carry on helping our customers communicate effectively on the market).

  • With the strong Swiss Franc, it is the right moment to sell your solutions on the Swiss market; the exchange rate gives these customers more buying power for your products!
  • At Eurotec we decided not to reflect the exchange rate changes on our prices for an “end of the year” special action!

It means two very good reasons to present your products and solutions to our Swiss readers (to communicate effectively in Switzerland and Europe in microtechnology is affordable as never before).

  • 3 x 1/1 page, 4-C, at € 2’200/each
  • 3 x 1/2 page, 4-C, at € 1’370/each
  • 3 x 1/4 page, 4-C, at € 830/each

In Eurotec issues n° 378, 379 and 380. Order deadline 26.09.2011. Material deadline 28.09.2011.

These issues will be widely distributed on targeted high precision and microtechnology companies in Switzerland and in Europe.
Download the Swiss action now!

For more information:
German speaking Switzerland, Germany and other countries:
Nathalie Glattfelder
Phone +41 22 307 78 32
e-mail: [email protected]
French speaking Switzerland, France, Israel, Liechtenstein:
Véronique Zorzi
Phone +41 22 307 78 52
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Our targeted distribution in Switzerland and Europe are indeed strong assets for Swiss companies too and we always help our customers reach their targets effectively with our cross media strategy. Do not hesitate to contact us!

A new trade show to “shake” the Swiss market

Yesterday the MCH Group held a press conference to present its new show to the world: LAUSANNETEC. This show is the first step on MCH Group’s journey towards expanding its portfolio of trade fairs in French-speaking Switzerland, and a venture supported by the Canton of Vaud’s department of economic affairs. It is also a clear and direct competitor to EPHJ/EPMT/SMT trade show that will take place in Genève next year for the first time (after 10 years in Lausanne).

For those that were accustomed to deal with two Swiss trade shows in a few months’ span (every two years) with Siams and EPHJ, a few questions are now raised by what is happening on the market:

  • Would a company that was able to cope with two shows, be able to manage three events?
  • If not, what would be the choice criteria on what show(s) to attend?
  • What will companies do on Spring 2012?
  • And visitors?

A clear signal of dynamism
First I would like to emphasize something highly positive in this move; it is the fact that this part of the Swiss economy attracts more people again! Microtechnology and high precision machining and engineering are very important for the Swiss economy and the more we speak of it, the more we do events about it, the more this field will be seen by future generations… and indeed we need these young people to be positively attracted by “our world”.

A new trade show: quite a challenge
LAUSANNETEC aims to be a cutting-edge platform featuring three international trade fairs covering the vast scope of subcontractors to the industries involved and enabling participants to identify synergies and position themselves in new markets. Add to this a programme of fringe events, such as presentations and meetings dedicated to issues related to the sectors in question, designed to facilitate informal exchanges between representatives of the various industries on show. LAUSANNETEC is primarily aimed at satisfying the expectations and requirements of exhibitors and offering them a number of benefits. These include: a policy of booth prices adequately adjusted to the current economic situation; effective visitor marketing to ensure the trade fair’s level of quality and return on investment for everyone involved; a trade fair board composed of representatives of business, politics and industry; a system of building-block or tailor-made booth design driven by exhibitors’ needs; and appropriate state-of-the art infrastructure in Beaulieu Lausanne’s new South Halls.

Differentiation factor?
René Kamm, CEO of the MCH Group, recognizes that the new show has some aspects that are common with its direct competition (same field of activities and same “sub-contracting” orientation) but the market is wide and open and his approach is “let’s the market do its choice”; this between the two above mentioned shows but also more largely.

International influence?
This new trade show coupled with the move of EPHJ/EPMT/SMT to Genève may have some “side effects” to foreign sub-contractors and companies.  If I’m a French company concerned by the international and Swiss markets, I may be interested in going both to LAUSANNETEC and EPHJ/EPMT/SMT… and in that case, I may decide not to attend some other shows in France (for instance).

A race started
A race started between the different possibilities for companies to be present on the market through trade shows (and there are far more shows that the few ones we spoke in this post).
We at Eurotec want to inform our readers as clearly as possible on their possibilities and we aim to help everyone make his own opinion with all the information we communicate. Like in every marketing case, many criteria make people willing to “buy” and we will communicate these for all possibilities…. The final aim is to help companies meet their customers and potentials. …and make business.


  • With 10 years of continuous growth and already a large number of exhibitors confirmed for 2012 the Genève show starts well…
  • The first feed-backs on the Lausanne show are very positive too and the number of interested companies even surprised the well experienced team of the show…

I will keep you posted on the evolutions and services offered by these shows, stay tuned.


Pierre-Yves Kohler

You can find the new show here:
And you certainly know this one:

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