What makes the magazine successful?

The value of the magazine is not only its widely spread circulation that sees it presented to thousands of factories throughout Europe, but more importantly its content. It is the only European magazine dedicated to the high precision industries. Straight to the point, the articles are surrounded by targeted advertisements in order to create a medium that we read and re-read to find wisdom and information that helps engineers in their everyday working life. That point is the most important to us; the magazine must bring value to our readers. Value? As Jeffrey Gitomer (see below) would say, giving value is one of the keys to success in business and I’m happy to say that this is our aim at Eurotec too.

In the new Eurotec, there is a column by Jeffrey Gitomer. Jeffrey is … Jeffrey! He is read by more than four million people every week through business journals and newspapers. Jeffrey’s books have sold millions of copies worldwide… and he’s sharing some ideas and thoughts with us now!

A lot of companies are fighting to give the right information on high precision machining in Europe, Eurotec is here to help them. The blog has the same background, help them to be where it counts. Nowadays, Eurotec doesn’t have a true website (just some papers at www.eurotec-online.com) and that’s a project that will be launched later.

Let’s work step by step


This is the first post on the new Eurotec’s blog

With this blog, I would like to keep you posted on the life of Eurotec and also to give you more than just the articles available on the magazine. The magazine is in three languages but the blog is in English only. If you need some information in French or German, the magazine is perfect.

There is already a lot of exciting things to come. I was in Midest in Paris and Prodex in Basle and there was a lot of new machines and features that will be detailed in the next issue. Want an example?

  • The new Schaublin 51-5AX that opens a wide new scope to mill parts till 240 mm diameter (and till 75 kg) with a superb ROI! http://www.smsa.ch/
  • There is inspire, the company managed by ETH Zürich that offers a lot of possibilities to small and medium size companies to help them improve their processes (example). http://www.inspire.ethz.ch/

..and a lot more besides.

I will come often here to post some news and information. Do not hesitate to come here often too!

I’m eager to inform you on European’s precision machining and micromechanics.

Pierre-Yves Kohler

Editor & Publisher


Pierre-Yves Schmid, publisher