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A new guy at your service!

On February first, Eurotec will welcome a new Editor-in-Chief. After 6 years of passionate discoveries in the field of microtechnology, the previous guy (I) will leave Eurotec to meet new challenges.

Pierre-Yves Schmid, new Editor-in-Chief and Publisher of Euroted Magazine.
Pierre-Yves Schmid, new Editor-in-Chief and Publisher of Eurotec Magazine.

Thank you all for the exceptional meetings we were able to organize and for your openness in giving me information (in order to allow me write nice articles helping you to communicate in the European microtechnology community).

A Pierre-Yves to replace a Pierre-Yves
Welcome to Pierre-Yves Schmid!
Mr Schmid has a wide experience in the industry, marketing and writing and knows well the European microtechnology community (I’m sure some of you have already met with him in his previous activities as trade show organiser).

Thank you for welcoming him.

His contact information
Pierre-Yves Schmid
+ 41 79 341 40 09

Home office
Pierre-Yves Schmid
Chemin creux 16
2503 Bienne

Otherwise, nothing change! Our team remains at your service.
Regarding advertising and general questions about Eurotec, Ms Nathalie Glattfelder and Véronique Zorzi will carry on to be your contacts.

Again, thanks for 6 outstanding years!


Pierre-Yves (Kohler, yeah I know, it’s complicated now with all those Pierre-Yves)



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What’s new on Eurotec’s ?

We’ve done some maintenance on the website and I am happy to inform you on the main aspects you can benefit from while surfing with us (and you will also learn a few facts on our paper issues).

Today the Prodex and Swisstech trade shows start in Basel. You can find us at Prodex on Hall 1.1, stand J14.
Today the Prodex and Swisstech trade shows start in Basel. You can find us at Prodex on Hall 1.1, stand J14.

Actually as you may not know it, our website displays pieces of news day after day, but it is also a complete database of all the articles published in Eurotec from issue 1/2009. Those are classified under the Article link and spread into categories:

  • Complete issues of Eurotec – Download the magazine directly into your device
  • Editorial – Every editorial of Eurotec starting 2009
  • Point of view – What personalities of the industry think about hot topics
  • Machining – New machines and way to work
  • Tooling and peripherals –  The best machine can do nothing without tooling
  • Lubrication –  To go further with lubrication
  • Cleaning – It is no longer a necessity evil
  • Companies, clusters and services – Companies that make the difference
  • Innovation – Nowadays, THE element!
  • The regions – Did you know that some areas are so good in micromechanics?
  • Sub-contracting – Presentation of some incredible companies
  • Trade shows – Both retrospectives and presentations
  • Control, robotics software and CAD/CAM – Increased quality everywhere
  • Surface treatment – to protect and change the parts
  • Complete list of the articles classified by company names

If you prefer to read on flip-books online, Eurotec is indeed also available in that format.

Year after year
In every category the articles are then sorted by years and can be found easily. In the machining category, you can also download the 2014 and 2013 compilations that summarise all the articles on that topic. Those compilations exist for machining only so far.

Special pages for customers
On these pages you can find the summary of articles published for partner companies. Scroll down and you can find the whole set of customers there on the right. In every page you have the links to every article and news published on these companies. You can also find special pages with pictures complementing our articles.


Advertising possibilities
You can also find all the info about our circulation and advertising possibilities with Eurotec, indeed our model pass through advertising to make the magazine live. Our calendar summarizing the main shows on microtechnology completes the picture (the 2015 version remains to be published).

Some facts
Our 10’000 paper issues (6 times a year) are mainly distributed in Switzerland, Germany and France on highly targeted companies and the audience of the website displays those countries in the top 5, but our audience is far larger (off-line and online) as number one on-line is USA and number five India. We are proud to see that a lot of people from around the world are following us and are downloading our articles on Swiss and European companies. With between 150 and 200 hits every day, our audience is slowly growing.

This afternoon at the set-up of Prodex one of our customers told me that a few US companies contacted him because they saw his products and services in our magazine (paper issue in this case)… and this business has been growing well for him there… it’s always rewarding to hear such news on how Eutotec helps our customers!

Thank you!
Yes thank you to help us spread the microtechnology news all around this highly skilled community. We’re dedicated to inform you on ways to be more efficient on your markets.

Oh and by the way, this is the 1’445th post on Eurotec’s.



PS: We’re at Prodex Basel from today, don’t hesitate to stop by on our booth (J14, Hall 1.1).



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Happy Summer time…

We at Eurotec wish a happy Summer time to all our readers (online and paper indeed), the lucky ones that have a break and the ones that will carry on working. Our newsstand will now be closed for about two weeks.
summer time14
With the incoming trade shows in France (Micronora), Germany (AMB), Italy (BiMu), UK (Micro Nano Mems) and USA (IMTS), and an economic situation that seems better for manufacturers (according to Cecimo-to be read in our next issue), there is no doubt that some novelties will hit the market very soon.

Next issues full of content
In our next issues you will be able to find many pieces of news.
Let me show you under the curtain:

Machining and lubrication

  • Affolter Technologies – new devices to finish watch pinions and new device to cut wormscrews
  • Bumotec – two spindles in a very limited space
  • Motorex – a solution with record performences
  • Precitrame – robotised finishing center
  • Tornos – CT and GT product ranges, complete new machines


  • Alfatool – a tool for growth
  • Conceptools – doubled product range
  • Flury Tools – high precision grinding

Services and companies

  • Ginova – provider of simple solutions to complex problems
  • Obal – from Taiwan to Romania
  • Qualimatest – men’s sensitivity – machine’s rigour
  • Unimec – a manufacture to the service of microtechnology

Components and devices

  • Dino Lite Europe – to recognise imitation
  • Eichenberger Gewinde – lightweight aluminum ball screw
  • Markator – durable and tamper proof markings
  • Tox –production systems from standard elements

Trade shows

  • AMB 2014
  • Fakuma 2014
  • Micro Nano Mems 2014
  • Micronora 2014

By the way, if you like our news, you can also like our Facebook page, every piece of news we publish on www.eurotec-online.com are also to be found there (plus many other news indeed).


Pierre-Yves and all the Eurotec team.



SwissNano – Success in the USA

We’ve already published a few stories about the new Tornos SwissNano (you can find them here). This morning’s new is specially published on July fourth.  I just received the info that the machine is ready to go to the IMTS in Chicago and wears a nice US outfit.

The SwissNano proudly wearing the Star-Spangled-Banner before its departure for IMTS.
The SwissNano proudly wearing the Star-Spangled-Banner before its departure for IMTS. I take advantage of the opportunity to say “Happy 4th of July” for Eurotec’s American readers.

Actually the machine has already been sold a few time in the US and results seems promising. The first machines were sold to Petron Automation, a Connecticut shop proud owner of the first two SwissNanos in the US.

Success Story

19 new machines
Last November, Petron Automation, Inc. held a ribbon cutting ceremony marking its facility expansion.  Tornos CEO, Michael Hauser, was there to witness the event.  The company, established 34 years ago, added 9,000 square feet to make room for 19 new machines – more than doubling the company’s capacity in 17,000 square feet total.

SwissNano to reach new markets
“These new machines will help us expand our operations and sales further into electronics, connectors…and micro parts, which we see as having huge growth potential,” says Luis Santolamazza, VP Sales & Marketing. He continues: “Getting the first two SwissNanos in the country, shows our President’s commitment for the latest technology. That has always been part of the strategy here and having these new machines supports the point that we invest very regularly in the newest technology (we turn over our machines every 5 years). It’s important to mention that these first two SwissNanos in the country were proven reliable making precision parts for the watch industry in Switzerland…and the purchase of these machines shows that we are trying to step ahead of technology.”

For more information on SwissNano: http://watchme.tornos.ch
For more information about Petron http://www.petronautomation.com/




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Mechatronics at the service of surgery

The focus on the next Micronora will put the light on micro-mechatronics. In this context, many innovative SMEs will go to demonstrate their know-how through mechatronic products in Besançon from September 23 to 26, 2014. (Vous pouvez télécharger cet article en français ici).

With the new DEX robot, laparoscopic operations are highly simplified.
With the new DEX robot, laparoscopic operations are highly simplified.

Aware of the importance to announce this event, the organizers of Micronora have implemented many means of communication and we had the chance to be in. Today, we introduce Dextérité Surgical who developed a mechatronics system dedicated to minimally invasive surgery.

Three possibilities
Currently, three major families of means are at work: the good old laparoscopic method invented in the 1990s, robotic surgery systems (read the article about that published in Eurotec 362) and most recently, a new system of mobile mechatronic handled device which greatly simplifies the comfort of the surgeon while representing a small share budget of a robot. The ideal solution?

What are we talking about?
Traditional laparoscopic methods involve working with long tools (pliers, scissors) that pass through the abdominal wall (for example) and with which surgeons must work while being very limited in angles and movements. The idea of dexterity Surgical was to robotize a manual tool to allow all the degrees of freedom at the end of the tool. Thus the surgeon can avoid traditional physical problems (bad posture, not ideal working angle, etc).

The fully orientable head offers easy suturing and knot tying (for instance).
The fully orientable head offers easy suturing and knot tying (for instance).

From the “Bazooka” to the DEX robot
Dextérité Surgical had the idea to implement a tool with a head offering unlimited rotation, bilateral inclination and endowed with a good rigidity. Problem, no electrical device (motor for example) is allowed within the human body. The system had therefore to transmit movements through a complex system of gears. The first prototype was, according to the say of the surgeon, a true “bazooka”, heavy and quite not ergonomic… but close collaboration has enabled the development of a very lightweight and user-friendly tool. The surgeon tells us: “According to the type of operation, I was watching the last actions that require high dexterity with reserve, because I knew it would be complicated. Today with the DEX robot, I’m much more serene”.

Growing… and this is just the beginning
This product developed and manufactured in France is fully suitable for sterilisation and usable in all operating rooms. So far the company has equipped 13 hospital centres in Europe and 300 patients have already benefited from this technology… but it is a drop in the ocean, the potential of the market is important and dexterity Surgical does not hide his ambitions.

Dexterité Surgical
53, rue Carnot
F-74000 Annecy
Tel. + 33 4 56 70 29 37
Fax + 33 4 26 23 67 11
[email protected]


To be discover at Micronora 2014



Tous les articles publiés sur Micronora, c’est ici.  pu

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Eurotec iPad Air just won by…

At the end of the day, Eurotec customers were invited to the now traditional aperitif with the draw of the iPad. As usual the event was organised by the Boucherie Nyffeler, Moutier and l’Etoile, Perrefitte and was just perfect ;o)

The happy winners of the 2014 drawn...
The happy winners of the 2014 drawn…

We take advantage of this post to warmly thank our customers for the nice shared event as well as for our very good collaboration. You are the best! Among the 40-50 people there, the lucky ones to win the Eurotec iPad Air are:

  • Suzanne and Michel Yerly from Yerly Micromecanics, congrats!

Indeed Eurotec is at Siams till the end of the week and our team would be happy to welcome you to our booth d4 on hall 1.2.








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Looking for a supplier?

With Hannover Messe 2014, the biggest marketplace to find the right supplier has just opened its doors in Hanover and you can go visit it till the end of the week.

Dr. Angela Merkel, Chancellor of the Federal Republic of Germany, speaks at the Opening Ceremony of Hannover Messe.
Dr. Angela Merkel, Chancellor of the Federal Republic of Germany, speaks at the Opening Ceremony of Hannover Messe.

As usual we at Eurotec are mainly focused on high precision and microtechnology, there are many companies to discover and many skills to speak about…. We’ll be busy digging all those.

A small (and nice) Swiss booth
On the Hall 4 – Stand C12, Switzerland is represented by a quite small booth (I wonder why there are so few companies from Switzerland in this year’s exhibition, but that’s another story). On the booth you can find:

  • Large and precision parts in stainless steel and special alloy with Angenstein AG
  • Custom-made advanced ceramics with Ceramdis AG
  • Development and manufacture of technical springs with Federtechnik Kaltbrunn AG
  • Steel at its best with Schmiedewerk Stooss AG
  • The unique pan-European magazine dedicated to high precision with Eurotec

You can read a preview on these companies here.

THe calm before the storm, the bistrop section of the swiss booth before the opening this morning.
The calm before the storm, the bistrop section of the swiss booth before the opening this morning. You can notice Eurotec right on the corner.

Hermes Award 2014 goes to SAG GmbH
It is official: this year, the Hermes Award, one of the world’s most coveted technology prizes, has gone to the German utility network services and systems provider SAG GmbH. The Award was presented to the company on the occasion of the Hannover Messe Opening Ceremony on 6 April 2014. “Energy system transformation” ranks alongside Industry 4.0 as one of the big, overarching themes at this year’s Hannover Messe. The now award-winning solution developed by SAG GmbH is a major step towards energy system transformation because it provides a flexible approach to converting existing local networks into smart grids,” said Deutsche Messe’s Managing Board member Dr. Jochen Köckler.

Hannover Messe



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