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Mechatronics at the service of surgery

The focus on the next Micronora will put the light on micro-mechatronics. In this context, many innovative SMEs will go to demonstrate their know-how through mechatronic products in Besançon from September 23 to 26, 2014. (Vous pouvez télécharger cet article en français ici).

With the new DEX robot, laparoscopic operations are highly simplified.
With the new DEX robot, laparoscopic operations are highly simplified.

Aware of the importance to announce this event, the organizers of Micronora have implemented many means of communication and we had the chance to be in. Today, we introduce Dextérité Surgical who developed a mechatronics system dedicated to minimally invasive surgery.

Three possibilities
Currently, three major families of means are at work: the good old laparoscopic method invented in the 1990s, robotic surgery systems (read the article about that published in Eurotec 362) and most recently, a new system of mobile mechatronic handled device which greatly simplifies the comfort of the surgeon while representing a small share budget of a robot. The ideal solution?

What are we talking about?
Traditional laparoscopic methods involve working with long tools (pliers, scissors) that pass through the abdominal wall (for example) and with which surgeons must work while being very limited in angles and movements. The idea of dexterity Surgical was to robotize a manual tool to allow all the degrees of freedom at the end of the tool. Thus the surgeon can avoid traditional physical problems (bad posture, not ideal working angle, etc).

The fully orientable head offers easy suturing and knot tying (for instance).
The fully orientable head offers easy suturing and knot tying (for instance).

From the “Bazooka” to the DEX robot
Dextérité Surgical had the idea to implement a tool with a head offering unlimited rotation, bilateral inclination and endowed with a good rigidity. Problem, no electrical device (motor for example) is allowed within the human body. The system had therefore to transmit movements through a complex system of gears. The first prototype was, according to the say of the surgeon, a true “bazooka”, heavy and quite not ergonomic… but close collaboration has enabled the development of a very lightweight and user-friendly tool. The surgeon tells us: “According to the type of operation, I was watching the last actions that require high dexterity with reserve, because I knew it would be complicated. Today with the DEX robot, I’m much more serene”.

Growing… and this is just the beginning
This product developed and manufactured in France is fully suitable for sterilisation and usable in all operating rooms. So far the company has equipped 13 hospital centres in Europe and 300 patients have already benefited from this technology… but it is a drop in the ocean, the potential of the market is important and dexterity Surgical does not hide his ambitions.

Dexterité Surgical
53, rue Carnot
F-74000 Annecy
Tel. + 33 4 56 70 29 37
Fax + 33 4 26 23 67 11
[email protected]


To be discover at Micronora 2014



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