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Polymer powder range for SLS market

Velox GmbH distributor of Axalta Polymer Powders’ Coathylene range, is expanding its plastics product portfolio to include Coathylene SB0426-R.
The Coathylene range is generally used as an anti-shrinkage agent for hot curing in the composites market. This polystyrene powder grade has been developed specifically for use in Selective Laser Sintering (SLS).

Growing technology
Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) is one of several additive-manufacturing techniques. This promising technology uses laser energy to fuse powdered material, building up shapes layer by layer. The latest development in SLS technology has led to increased production efficiency and allows companies to produce not only prototypes or complex parts but also small series. Offering plastics powders engineered for SLS technology now allows Velox to support its customers’ projects from start to finish.

About Axalta Polymer Powders
With 50 years of experience and a worldwide presence, Axalta Polymer Powders has established itself as the global leader in the formulation and production of ultra-fine thermoplastic powders. Proprietary precipitation and micronization process technologies compatible with a wide range of polymer chemistries enable an extensive selection of product functionalities and particle size distributions.
Axalta Polymer Powders Switzerland Sàrl is the new name of DuPont Polymer Powders Swizerland Sàrl since DuPont Performance Coatings was acquired by The Carlyle Group on February 1, 2013.





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