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Fast and highly user friendly optical 3D measurement

With InfiniteFocusSL from Alicona, supplier of high resolution optical 3D measurement systems, a new and cost efficient measurement device for the 3D characterization of micro structured surfaces is available. Users measure surface roughness including surface finish with only one system. In addition, InfiniteFocusSL delivers brilliant color images with high contrast and high depth of focus.

The low-cost system enhances the Alicona product range with another measurement system that is based on the technology of Focus-Variation and used in both research and a production near environment. InfiniteFocusSL is in particular attractive because of its´ high value for money and its universal applicability from cutting edge measurement in tool industry to quality assurance of micro components in automotive and aerospace industry, mold industry as well as medical device development. Basically, as soon as a surface shows a minimum surface roughness of only a few nanometers the system can be applied.

Also in a production near environment
“The market launch of InfiniteFocusSL strengthens Alicona´s position as supplier of optical 3D measurement solutions that deliver high resolution measurement results also in a production near environment. With the new system we demonstrate that all the benefits which are known and well established from the use of optical measurement devices in research can also be achieved in production”, states Alicona CEO Dr. Stefan Scherer. According to Alicona, these benefits include areal instead of profile based measurements or the measurement of very fine and sophisticated surface features. “Our customers confirm that in many cases those surfaces cannot be measured adequately by using traditional techniques only”, says Scherer. InfiniteFocusSL is a solution for the measurement of also complex components. This is also valid for the measurement of difficult to access surface features such as steep flanks or the tooth root of a gear.

New way to light
In daily use, the system is characterized by the possibility to also measure complex forms and shapes comfortably and in high measurement speed. Besides the robust technology Focus-Variation, this is achieved throughout the intelligent illumination technology. The illumination concept is based on the principle of using existing light conditions as well as the surface reflection properties of the specimen. In doing so, light is optimized which results in an optimal illumination of the component. This is achieved via a patent pending concentrator optics which includes a range of single controllable segments. By using these segments, a surface is illuminated from different perspectives which results in diffuse illumination.

We will publish more detail on this brand new Alicona device soon in Eurotec.

To be discovered at Control, Stuttgart from May 8 to 11, 2012 on Halle 1, Stand 1622

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