Iscar’s 3P Productivity plan put into action

In today’s difficult business environment, manufacturers are looking to boost their productivity and competitiveness – sustainably and substantially. Iscar has launched a new 3P Productivity Plan, which already has helped hundreds of successful manufacturers to see an immediate savings of more than 25% in production cost due to an improvement in metalcutting productivity, plus better ROI, speed of delivery and all-around competitiveness.

Well known partners
Among the 3P Productivity partners are the biggest names in automotive, off-road equipment, aerospace and medical device manufacturing, as well as world-class contract manufacturers and die and mold shops. A multitude of countries around the globe are represented. And the roster grows monthly. One thing they share in common is the drive for sustainable improvement in overall profitability and competitiveness, not just a one-shot fix for a single operation.

“Under the 3P Productivity Plan we follow a proven protocol leading to better productivity/profitability solutions sooner –and the advice is free,” says Jacob Harpaz, ISCAR CEO and IMC Group President.

* Productivity
* Profitability
* Performance

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Things are moving fast in the cutting tool industry, Sandvik and Iscar are fighting close to offer more to the customers… and they are not alone as many other competitors are in the “battlefield”. What makes the difference finally? Yes products but that’s only a part of it. Services, advices, tailored solutions, prices, availability, choice.. a lot of parameters have to be taken into account.

The good news? They are all working for their customers, as often, competition is pushing quality of the global performance (including services, sympathy of the sales guy and more) higher and higher… for the best for the users!

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