Juste in time tooling

It is always the weakest link that conditions the global performance of any system. Often that’s “small items seen as non relevant ” that impacts negatively the whole result. For instance in a company working in just in time, a lot of parameters have to be taken into account and tool management is part of the main points .If a “mere” milling tool is missing, the whole production line can be jammed. Aware of this hurdle, Fraisa is offering a turnkey solution for new and re-sharpened tooling. To know more about this service, eurotec met Thomas Nägelin, marketing and Sales director of the Swiss company.

A range of services to value more the tooling

Fraisa presents its package of benefits on the market the following way : “Optimal products and services for customer maximal profit.” Even if this is a technology-driven company that produces high quality tooling, a part of the success cannot be given to products but to additional services. Most impressive from the service range, ToolCare. Manage tooling is time consuming and needs skills. Based on that understanding, Fraisa offers a full tooling service. Hand to hand with the customer, Fraisa build a tooling storage area that includes every tool necessary to ensure production at the customer’s plant. Every tool in it is on consignment, then still belongs to Fraisa. Huge benefit, the customer pays the tools only when used!

Free mind production

The management of the Fraisa tooling system works automatically, the use of a tool automatically call for a new one, this without any administrative task by the customer (the user just has to scan a barcode). Rhythm of delivery as well as minimal levels are obviously optimized on every customer’s requirement. The system make sure that tools are available 24 hours a day. The user benefit not only of the flexibility of the system but that’s also a great security. Additional services can be offered by the system, if the company needs it, tooling distribution can be done nominative or based on internal work numbers. If a company wants to make precise statistics, it’s very easily generated by the system. The best? This system allows customers to save money. It can be applied to new tooling but also to used ones. In that case, Fraisa technicians come to pick up the tools, make the re-sharpening and bring them back.


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