A new technical year with Eurotec!

This year is a very important year for Eurotec, I aim to become one of the magazine that is needed on the market. For that, there is only one motto, to give value to the readers.

I’ve done recently a few interviews that goes in that direction and I’m happy to say that industry managers play the game with me and are open to share their experiences and successes! (all value to the readers!)

I wish you a pleasant year and I’m happy if you’re coming to see the blog from time to time to discover what is “cooking” at Eurotec!

Would you like to receive a free copy of the magazine? No problem, send COPY of EUROTEC with your full coordinates to [email protected]

Would you like to advertise with the only pan-european magazine dedicated to microtechniques? I would be pleased to send you the media-kit and all the relevant information.

Enjoy 2009!