When a micron is just mundane!

When one crosses the threshold of Phosa SA that products and brings to the market the honing machines branded Pemamo-Honing, it is better to change one’s measuring scale. What outside is considered as very precise (a few microns) becomes suddenly mundane once in the company. To understand how it is possible to play with the micron, we’ve met Alain Grimm, CEO of Phosa SA and we will dig into the company’s products and services in the next issue of Eurotec.

Lower cost production
Even if other means of production are getting closer and closer to honing in term of precision (turning or reaming for instance) it is not a free of charge trend! Always higher precision drives these technologies toward more and more difficulties. It is often clever to finish the parts in another way. Honing offers an interesting and inexpensive alternative to finish parts with a precision to which micron is big, with a perfect repetitiveness. As the same tool can be used in every kind of material, there is no trouble with tooling consumption. Surface finish created by turning let inevitably grooves on the part. Honing remove the weak points of that surface, transforming it into a pattern that is far better in term of lubrication.

Phosa SA indicates in the Pemamo-Honing brochure that one should not miss the benefits of their products. Would you like to know more?
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It was another incredible visit, this small company next to the road has nothing special outside, just one of the numerous industrial buildings alongside the lake. And you enter the door and… it is another world.
I was stunned! When you hear someone telling you “yes, we can adjust machining on the NC of our machines by increments of a tenth of a Micron”, it’s quite a shock.

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