Medical machining? To do the splits!

The production of medical technology tools and implants is extremely challenging due to the wide range of machining methods used. Great demands are made in particular on the machining fluid, which must demonstrate completely different characteristics, for example, during the deep drilling of holes with high depth-to-diameter ratios using single-lip drills than during tapping, milling or finishing operations. The versatility of the Motorex Ortho NF-X innovative high-performance cutting oil means it completely covers the extreme requirements in the field of medical technology.

Deep-hole drilling and tapping on a machining center requires a deep-hole drill and a tap as well as a powerful high-pressure cooling system. This clearly illustrates that the machine tool has to be customized according to requirements, i.e. depending on the machining process. The employed machining oil, however, is expected to flawlessly cover a whole range of different machining processes. Or in practice has it crossed anyone’s mind to change the cutting oil for two diametrically-opposed machining operations? This is highly unlikely. Thus until very recently, machine operators were prepared to accept a compromise for one or other of the machining processes, which is regrettable, as compromises always limit productivity.

Deep-hole drilling (optimal viscosity ISO 10)
This type of operation, where the drilling diameter is around 1,15 mm and the drilling depth 60 mm, requires an extremely high performance in cooling, lubrication and flushing. At the required optimal machining values, this operation normally requires a viscosity of ISO 10. The more viscous the medium, the harder it is to reach the desired flushing performance. This in turn affects the temperature during drilling and can lead to deviations of the drill hole from the desired axis, for example, the central axis.

Tapping (optimal viscosity ISO 32)
This type of operation requires outstanding extreme-pressure characteristics and an excellent flushing and cooling capacity. The lubrication film must be extremely temperature and high-pressure resistant for the fluid’s HP-properties to withstand the extreme levels of pressure. The thread is tapped in a single pass and must meet tight tolerance requirements in terms of dimensional accuracy and surface quality (Ra value).

A tried and tested solution
Ortho NF-X ISO 15 succeeds on both counts, thanks to the use of ISO 15 viscosity and a complex package of special additives which has been developed over many product generations. It is sufficiently resistant to high pressure to be used for tapping and sufficiently fluid to provide efficient cooling and flushing during deep-hole drilling.

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