Success? A mindset!

I’ve interviewed M. José Iraolagoita CEO of a world class high precision turning company located in Spain: Microdeco. The main industrial sectors of the Basque country area where Microdeco is located, are mechanics, heavy industry, food-processing, timber and paper, and textiles.  30% of Spain’s production for the automotive industry also comes from this region. When the automotive industry is facing some though moments, what makes the difference?

“Problems are always a source of opportunities. It’s our role to meet these challenges”
says José Iraolagoita.

What are the secrets of Microdeco?

  • The organization: spring for success
  • Machines and employees: spring of success
  • Partnership: spring of success

We will go into deeper details in a further issue of Eurotec.

Microdeco recently created IAC, the Automobile Intelligence Center, with industrial partners on a regional level, as well as training centers and universities. It is actually a “college of experts” in their fields with the common aim of developing projects in high-technology, quality and precision for the automotive sector. The construction is nearly complete and a good part of Microdeco’s resources in R&D will be going into it by summer 2009! This new platform will bring the company greater possibilities for development, more resources, more innovation but also greater visibility as far as prime manufacturers are concerned.
Regarding export, the group created a common export department with three other companies from the area, i.e.:

  • Teknia DEJ – Metal sheet stamping and sub-assemblies mounting
  • Gabi – Aluminum die casting
  • Mafisa –cold formed fasteners
  • Microdeco – Precision turned parts and sub-assemblies mounting

This common group realize about 100 million Euros gross sales mainly in the automotive industry.

You’re looking for a partner for the success in the automotive industry?

Decoletaje de precisión
Production unit
Poligono Urtia, s/n
Apartado de Correos 57
48260 Ermua (Bizkaia) España
Tel. +34 943 17 03 17
[email protected]

Common export department
Barroeta Aldamar, 4 (Dpt. 21)
48001 Bilbao – Espagne
Tel +34 94 424 30 21
[email protected]

It’s fascinating to meet true entrepreneurs!