“New Eurotec” about to be published!

I’ve just finished the layout of the first issue of 2009 and the medical field for microtechniques is well represented, there are really added values stories. We’re about to go on print and there are a few free places to advertise.

“New Eurotec”
This issue is the first one with the “new layout” and I’m happy with it. I really hope that readers will be pleased with this evolution and I’m looking forward to hearing from them (you?). If you want to receive a copy, do not hesitate to contact me [email protected]

Good opportunities
Yeah, in term of advertising, it’s the right moment to show the world you’re present on the market and ready to help your customers and prospective customers win on their markets.. and Eurotec is a right plateform for any company active in the microtechniques.
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Wanna use this highly targeted medium to reach your target? Nathalie is waiting for your call.
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I wish you all the best