Is Eurotec TV planned for tomorrow?

To realize this editorial, I rely on two comprehensive studies on media. The first one called “trends in communication in Europe” is based and a wide European study that took place during 2008. The second called “Media Focus” analyze trends in advertising expenses in Switzerland. What do we learn ?

Press is important (!)
According to the first survey, in 2008 the customer represent the most important target audience (not that a revolution) for communication and obviously professional press plays a major role. Researchers responsible for the survey foresee a same importance of the target audience in 2011. According to that study, press is the main tool in 2008 and will still be a very important one in 2011, nevertheless, the online medium will be the most important one.
Clearly the online medium is a tool that we must think about. As for the paper media, the content is the most important.

Added value
Our role as members of the technical press is to look for, find, sort out, think about and finally give you a maximum of added value information (again that importance of the content). The second survey shows that in Switzerland the technical and professional press goes well. Advertising expenses are stable (more or less). All in all and for every field, the tool that goes bad is the daily newspaper that sees it figures plummet in favor of television and new medias.

Consequences for Eurotec
Will we soon see broadcast to buy the new “X” machine tool or the new “Y” tooling on Eurotec TY? Not likely would you say… but combining visual media and web, it is possible to show more, to explain more and even to interact. Let’s invent the future ! In any case content must be interesting for readers and help them a way or another, otherwise it channel-surfs quickly.
Our aim with Eurotec is to give you more value.. on paper today.

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