Riveting with extremely small dimensions

Riveting technology, like anything else, needs to keep up with the constant trend toward miniaturization. With the radial riveting machine RN 181 “reduced,” for delicate rivet connections, BalTec has a cutting-edge solution for this challenge, as well. The subtly designed kinematics of this machine allow rivet joints using even very small diameter rivets made of aluminum and fiber-reinforced plastics. It is possible to locate the rivet start when lowering the rivet tool onto the rivet at a riveting force of less than 0.1 kN.

New machine for microtechnology
The RN 181 “reduced” was developed on the basis of the proven RN 181 radial riveting machine. With a reduced piston area and extremely low-friction kinematics it is optimally designed for precision engineering rivet applications. The RN 181 “reduced” uses an RC-20A controller and the BalTec STF-1 Expert or RNC Expert process controller. This allows the rivet force rise, for example, to be limited to 0.5 N over a 0.5 second duration rivet phase, so that the riveting tool can still make at least four hypocycloid passes over the rivet even with very short deformation travel. The STF-1 Expert process controller ensures refined control of the riveting process and the highest quality rivet joint. The nominal riveting force of the RN 181 “reduced” is 1.6 kN, at a hydraulic pressure of 6 bar. The tool stroke is 30 mm. In addition to the stand-alone version of the RN 181 “reduced,” the rivet head alone is available for integration in systems, under the name RNE 181 “reduced.”

Typical application examples of the RN 181 “reduced”
Electronics and computer industry:
Mounting electrical circuit boards in aluminum housings with cast rivet features, or in plastic housings with molded-on rivet lugs, with rivet diameters of one to two millimeters
Production of measuring devices and clocks:
rivet lugs on indicator axes made of steel with diameters of less than 1 mm
Micromechanical devices (cameras, printers, automotive electrical components):
axes of magnetic armatures for servo drives, pivot joints, etc.
Joints, pivot pins in forceps, etc.

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