The first and only plasma arc metal cutting system with 5 stars

Hypertherm, the world leader in plasma arc metal cutting technology, today announced its Powerrmax30 is the recipient of the highest product rating—5 stars—from CESVI Brazil, a member of the Research Council for Automotive Repairs (RCAR). RCAR is a worldwide organization whose primary activity is concerned with the engineering aspects of accident repair, safety, and training requirements associated with motor vehicles.

Comprehensive tests
The Powermax30 underwent a battery of tests designed to gauge the unit’s reliability, efficiency, and functionality before receiving the 5-star rating. The unit becomes the first and only plasma arc metal cutting system to achieve 5-star CESVI certification. The Powermax30 has a recommended 6 mm cut capacity, although the unit is capable of severing metal twice that thickness. During testing, judges noted several design and performance features which makes it particularly well suited to automotive applications.

Why 5 stars?

  • Compact design and weight of only 9 kilogram for easy movement around sometimes crowded automotive facilities
  • Well-thought out controls that make the plasma cutter easy to use
  • Safety interlock to prevent an operator from accidently firing the torch
  • Tapered torch for working in small spaces, such as under the hood, and a long torch lead
  • Voltage converter that allows the unit to work on both 110 and 220 volt power
  • Excellent performance and consistent high quality cuts
  • Long lasting consumables that are quickly and easily replaced.

Judges found the Powermax30 to be a good value for the money saying the system passed all life tests and presented no problems with durability. The organization even commended Hypertherm for its user’s manual, which it found was written clearly and contained appropriate information.

Want to know more?
Hypertherm designs and manufactures advanced plasma cutting systems for use in a variety of industries such as shipbuilding, manufacturing, and automotive repair. Its product line includes handheld and mechanized plasma systems and consumables, as well as CNC motion and height controls.

Hypertherm Europe B.V.
Tel +31 (0)165 596932
Fax +31 (0)165 596921

Yvette Leeflang at 0031 (0) 165 596932 or [email protected]

PartMaker Receives Latest Autodesk Certification

Newest PartMaker release certified for use with Autodesk Inventor 2010.

PartMaker Inc., a subsidiary of Delcam Plc, has announced that PartMaker Version 9, the latest version of its PartMaker® CAD/CAM software for CNC Mills, Lathes, WireEDM, Turn-Mill Centers and Swiss-type lathes, has been certified for use with Autodesk’s Inventor 2010 solid modeling design system by the Autodesk Inventor Certified Applications Program.
To attain this certification, the PartMaker suite of products met certain criteria and demonstrated a high level interoperability with Autodesk Inventor 2010. The certification is granted by Autodesk only after the product has been approved after a rigorous testing process.

“Staying current and fully compatible with leading 3D CAD systems like Autodesk Inventor is a cornerstone of the ongoing software development effort at PartMaker” according to PartMaker Inc. President Hanan Fishman.
“Many PartMaker users use Autodesk Inventor for 3D design and many more members of the PartMaker user community receive files from customers who use Autodesk Inventor, so maintaining this interoperability is a mission critical service we provide our users.”

PartMaker users can directly import Autodesk Inventor files in their native *.IPT format.  2D files are imported via a *.DXF interface.

PartMaker Inc. is a subsidiary of Delcam Plc, the world’s leading developer and supplier of complete CAD/CAM software solutions.  Delcam Plc is publicly traded on the AIM exchange in London.  While PartMaker is sold direct in North America by PartMaker Inc. PartMaker is sold overseas through a network of sales partner offices operating in over 120 countries.
Want to know more? Do not hesitate to contact Partmaker.

PartMaker Inc. – Hanan Fishman, President
Phone/Fax: (215) 643-5077 ext. 204/(215) 653-0105

Issue 364 of Eurotec is being printed!

Dear readers,

I’m just back from Medtec in Besançon and I would like to share a few thoughts with you…

I’m happy to announce that next issue is being printed. It’s focused on micromechanics and watch industry and you’ll see that this world is full of passion and “magic people”.
There is no miracle but a lot of useful addresses to produce incredible parts or to have information about machines and accessories to do so.
Do not hesitate to contact these companies, that’s passionate people and if you’re so too, you could only get on well together! (I won’t do the list here, you will see it in the magazine… or if you can’t wait and want to receive the list of these magic companies before the magazine, send me an e-mail).

Medtec Besançon was really small but nevertheless well attended. The show reminded me of the Siams that took place on the early days. Eurotec was there with a small booth and it was a pleasure to meet you there and have a discussion about business or food or anything. We enjoyed it a lot, hope the same for you who came to say hello.
No official figures about that show yet… let’s wait a little. The exhibitors seemed surprised because thinking that would be worse.
We met people organizing Micronora too. That’s obviously something completely different with a background on microtechnics. Even if some companies are exhibiting at both shows (there are too many shows!), I’m convinced that Micromora  doesn’t have to worry. Franche-Comté is a country of microtechnics (as written in Eurotec 363 too).

It’s soon EPHJ-EPMT, but first I’m going to the Schleifring Symposium and Control in Stuttgart… We don’t have a both there…  but if you are there and would like me to pay a visit, do not hesitate to send me an e-mail at [email protected]
At that show we will present a special offer for the rest of the year in term of communication package… if you can come to our booth, do not hesitate to ask for the full information package!

Is 3 a good number to say it’s a few thought?  I think no…  and I will add another one!
Guess what? I’m happy! At Medtec Besançon a guy came to my booth and told me that he had a contact with a potential customer that saw his company on Eurotec’s blog. That was the first “proof” that  the blog is more than just something to make me spend time (but I like to spend it with you!).
If you also experience such contacts, I’d be happy to learn about these!

And that’s it… this entry is already finished, I’ve done a few kilometers as I was writing on the train… Eurotec is on the move!

See you soon

Medtec Besançon: Today and Tomorrow!

After the highly successful Medtec in Stuttgart, what can we expect from the French issue? We’ll know it soon as the show is only open today and tomorrow. Eurotec is there, don’t hesitate to stop at the booh to share a coffe and a chat!

Medtec Stuttgart

Despite Global Economic Woes, Canon Communications Reports Increase in Attendance at Major European Medical Manufacturing Trade Show MEDTEC Europe’s results provide evidence of strength in key segment of the €2 trillion advanced, technology-based manufacturing industry Maidstone, UK (9 March 2009) – Continuing to defy experts who have predicted tough times for trade show organizers in the current global economic downturn, Canon Communications today announced that its completed MEDTEC Europe show in Stuttgart, Germany has again posted an impressive attendance gain at one of its core medical manufacturing trade shows. Preliminary end-of-show reports indicate a 20% increase in attendance to more than 11,000 industry professionals along with a renewal rate in excess of 80% for MEDTEC Europe 2010. This follows by less than a month very strong results at the company’s Medical Design & Manufacturing (MD&M) West show in the Anaheim, California. “We’re seeing a pattern emerging of a strong sector in the U.S. and Europe despite the doom and gloom in the business and financial media,” said Charles G. McCurdy, Chairman and CEO of Canon Communications. “Early indications show a positive outlook for new 2009 MEDTEC Japan and MEDTEC France shows on April 7 & 8 and April 22 & 23, respectively. We draw two conclusions from this pattern. First, that the medical technology sector globally remains strong and, second, that trade shows retain their importance as a marketing tool that puts suppliers face-to-face with their customers on a time- and cost-effective basis.”

See you soon to see how medical lives in France.


From single parts to large scale production…

With over 140 automatic lathes equipped with numerical control and almost exclusively dedicated to top-quality industry (and mainly to the watch-making industry), the company Bandi located in Courtételle is one of the jewels of Swiss Jura industry. We met the company’s managing director, Yves Bandi just before Baselworld.

Baselworld  kicks off in just a few days time. I imagine that as a specialised sub-contracting company you’re very busy right now?
You’re quite right. This kind of event generates lots of specific requests, as our company produces watch-making components for three different areas; the case, the wristlet and the movement. Every year we are asked to fulfil urgent special requests for parts which will be on show.

This means you have to produce parts in very small batches or even singly. How do you integrate this into your industrial process?
We reserve production capacity for the period before this event on each type of machine so that we are in a position to meet any request from our customers. We don’t have a separate « prototype » unit at our disposal and we produce single parts or very small production batches within our usual production departments. In this way such parts are integrated into the production process and controlled right from the start of the process. This makes everything so much easier if we subsequently go into large-scale production.

You have taken the risk of investing in numerically-controlled machines to replace the cam-operated machines. What have been the results of this strategy?
I wouldn’t say a “risk”, but we very quickly realised that this type of machine would allow us to produce a wide range of parts with a high degree of flexibility.
Our customers jumped at this opportunity, resulting in a slight expansion of our production range. Today we have at our disposal a range of machines which are suitable for various part geometries, but always in the field of precision turning. We are capable of machining a very diverse range of components.

Could you machine the parts you produce today on cam-operated machines?
It would be difficult, as parts are increasingly complex and batches are getting smaller and smaller. We launch over 250 production runs per month! Numerically-controlled machines are much more suited to the demands we face.

Some people think that cam-operated machines will die out, but others are sure they will still be around for years. What is your opinion?
It is obvious that for our company the future lies with the numerically-controlled machine, but we haven’t completely forgotten the cam-operated machine. For certain specific products it remains the best option. Over and above our range of numerically-controlled machines, we still have 11 cam-operated machines at our disposal and we don’t intend to transfer this production to NC machines.

What makes the difference on the market today?  What are your customers looking for?
Bandi is positioned as a « company at the cutting-edge of technology ». We have succeeded in evolving to keep up-to-date with new technologies. Furthermore, over the last two years we have reached a new level in terms of precision, which has allowed us to meet requirements related to movement parts. Our customers are looking for reactivity, availability, faultlessly produced parts and on-time delivery.

You are a specialised subcontractor. How do you publicise your services? Do you take part in EPHJ? If so, what will you be presenting?
We don’t carry out very much customer canvassing and EPHJ is the only trade fair we take part in. It’s a good opportunity over 4 days to meet a large number of customers and possibly make contact with potential future customers. We will be presenting new products, machined and finished parts which are representative of our production and our know-how.
We look forward to seeing you on at EPHJ on our stand 07/17.

Bandi SA
Rue de l’Avenir 25
2852 – Courtételle
Tél : 032 422 42 21 – Fax : 032 422 78 12
Email : [email protected]
Web :

Their website is nice (in French so far). Enjoy the visit.

World première: Two-process drag-finishing machine

With the DF 2-3 two-process drag finishing machine, Otec launches a world première at EPHJ in Lau-sanne. With this piece of equipment, innovation allows users to grind and polish parts like implants, watch cases and many others within a single machine. With the dedicated technique it is possible to reach hand polished quality with a high process reliability.

Since its foundation in 1996, Otec has been developing drag-finishing units. With this process, the workpieces are mounted on special holders. These are rotating and are dragged in a circular motion through a container filled with grinding or polishing media.

To finish parts, often a two-step method is necessary. For instance parts are first grinded in wet environment and second polished dry. Using this process, RA value as fine as 0,01 µm can be achieved. So far the only way to produce such finishing was by using two machines. One for the wet grinding and another one for the dry polishing. This led to manually switch the workpieces holders from one machine to the other.
This is no longer the case thanks to the new DF 2-3. This machine houses two containers that can be combined, from wet to dry or dry to dry. With the Siemens touchscreen control, every parameter like cycle time and rotations speed for instance are easily saved. The program follows the sequence of operations and avoid any manual action to pass from the first machine to the second.

EPHJ 2009 : Hall 6, booth 1
Otec Präzisionsfinish GmbH
Dieselstrasse 8-12
75334 Straubenhardt-Feldrennach
Tel. + 49 (0) 70 82 49 11 20
Fax + 49 (0) 70 82 49 11 29


Springmann SA
Route des Falaises 110
Case postale 34
2008 Neuchâtel
Tél. ++41 (0)32 729 11 29

Springmann AG Werkzeugmaschinen
Zweigniederlassung Niederbüren
Staatsstrasse 10
Postfach 22
9246 Niederbüren
Tel. ++41 (0)71 424 26 00

Products of tomorrow in hand…

I went to a company called Bush Composites to have a chat about composites and carbon products. That was really amazing to see what can be done with these new products. There is no wonder why it’s widely used in sports like Formula one, it’s flexible, light and incredibly resistant and novadays a lot of field of activities can benefit from these. There will be another batch of interesting articles in issue 364!

Issue 363 ready
In fact the magazine is being published these days and I’m eager to send it to the readers, we were able to cover a lot of interesting stories and I’m sure you will find added value in it. ONce again it is an issue that is medical oriented (there is Medtec France very soon).

Summary is as follow:

Point of view
Watch-making Know-how in medical
Implants production
Electrochemical milling

Machining -Tenth of a micron

Recipe for success
Intelligent alternative
One single name

Cleaning -Technological progress

Robotized automation

The regions – Franche-Comté

Medtec France
Hannover Messe
Turning Days
Grinding Symposium

Retrospective -mediSIAMS

Do not hesitate to send me any feed-back on th magazine.