The watch making world, a world full of passion

Baselworld just closed its door and soon EPHJ will open. Both are dedicated to watch industry…

Many people often equate passion with foolishness and, yes that’s possible sometimes. But in our industrial world, passion equates often with rare bird, pressure, precision and delivery. In order to realize next issue that will be released for EPMT/EPHJ in Lausanne (Switzerland), I’ve had the opportunity to meet up with passionate owners and CEOs of companies working all or part for the watch industry sector. And guess what? To face facts, they are passionate!

Dear Readers,
Is it possible to publish a magazine nowadays without being systematically pessimist?  But what kind of magic can we found there? On the contrary, the watch industry is full of shared passion, no matter what part of the industry we’re looking at. Whoever they are tool makers, machine-tool manufacturers, peripherals providers or parts manufacturers for the watch industry sector, they are proud to be part of the success of the watch making industry.

Passion equates:
Rare birds
The manufactures and their subcontractors work miracles day after day to give the market always more exclusive/efficient/special/unique products (chose what you prefer). Obviously machining the parts imply other solutions and new ideas. Mr. Paroz (Swissmec) says that « only imagination limits results»… that is positive for a country that counts on its capacity to innovate to achieve its success.

Nowadays, companies must be flexible. They must be able to work hand to hand with their customers to provide them new solutions, but also quick, efficient and with fair prices proposals. The pressure on deadlines is high and more than one subcontractor told me that they keep some extra capacities to meet urgent requirements, for instance before Baselworld. These unused capacities must also be financed and companies have to balance financial dictates with customers satisfaction.

No need to say that all this pressure should not negatively influence quality or precision. Parts must always be perfect. As M. Chave (ODI) said, « even with a 350x magnification that enhance flaws normally invisible for the eyes, machining must be perfect ». Is it a kind of race for over-quality? Bad question! There is a market for these high quality products and watch makers are historically at the best place to meet their requirements.

At every level of the production chain, we can find customers to be satisfied and deliveries occur. Technical feats are realized to machine or assembly parts with short delivery times and high precision.
The glamorous aspect of the watch industry world is mainly focused on the final product and its glittering communication. It has a tendency to hide the outstanding performances of a wide part of the industry… but it would be nothing without all these companies working in the shade, in the oil and in the mechanical engineering.

Thank you people from the industry to make us dream with your day after day feats.

Good day