3d micro EDM milling technology

As small-scale 3D machining is being developed to keep pace with the product miniaturization trend, SARIX offers the high performance Micro EDM machine line, the SX-100/200 series which have been especially designed for medium volume production of high-precision micro instruments, components and also for microinjection molding of micro-fluidics cavities.

Based on know-how
Now Sarix, through its strong and accumulated experience since 1994 as market leader in the Micro EDM Machining field, brings the EDM to the increasingly stringent requirements of 3D Micro Milling operations. Its innovative and reliable machine concept shows the capability of small cost effective machines performing precision and high-precision tasks with great accuracy and 3D machining for the manufacturing of medical devices. The medical industry is one of the application fields that have been able to take the benefit integrating this attractive technology on the production line of advanced components.

Ultra precision and high surface finishing
Both machines combined with the most advanced Micro EDM technology incorporated on a Micro Fine Pulse Shape (MFPS) generator allows new possibilities for smaller, deeper and more precise perfect round holes. This enables to achieve unique combination of drilling holes diameters from 1 mm down to 10 micron with high surface finishing down to Ra 0,05 µm (50 Nano).
The SX-100/200 series supports a wide range of accessories to suit the customer’s applications and their high performance requirements in term of Micro-drilling, Micro-sinking and Micro-Milling. Associate with an automatic electrode re-feeding and wear-compensation spindle with a built-in micro-scale wire-EDM device for electrode Micro-Grinding, the SARIX 3D Micro Milling machine opens up new opportunities for machining intricately shaped forms, thin walls, and extreme microstructures.

3D micro EDM milling
It also provides various option levels to perform very fine 3D Micro EDM Milling up to 4 simultaneous axes enabling manufacturing of complex forms or shape holes for catheters, needles and device components.
The latest feature launched by SARIX, the SX-Micro-EDM-Milling CAM software, have confirmed Sarix’s 3D Micro EDM Milling capability to thin depth within a very precise depth control below 1 micron. Each end-user and engineer active on micro-machining can understand clearly which issues can be solved when the Z-control can be achieved on such level. It is the answer to the usual weak point of this field. […]

Success story
With the help of Sarix achiness, Diamond S.A. (Losone, Switzerland) met NASA’s space applications component requirements. Flashback on this success story.
Diamond S.A., a leading global specialist in the manufacture of fiber-optic components, did not have to look far afield to find a supplier of the sort of technology it needed to keep up with the trend toward ever greater device miniaturization and the shrinkage of part features. The Losone, Switzerland-based company turned to Sarix, headquartered in the same city, when it had to meet the challenge of producing multi-fiber optical connectors for a collaborative project with NASA, Photonics Group, Goddard Space and Flight Center.


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