World première: Two-process drag-finishing machine

With the DF 2-3 two-process drag finishing machine, Otec launches a world première at EPHJ in Lau-sanne. With this piece of equipment, innovation allows users to grind and polish parts like implants, watch cases and many others within a single machine. With the dedicated technique it is possible to reach hand polished quality with a high process reliability.

Since its foundation in 1996, Otec has been developing drag-finishing units. With this process, the workpieces are mounted on special holders. These are rotating and are dragged in a circular motion through a container filled with grinding or polishing media.

To finish parts, often a two-step method is necessary. For instance parts are first grinded in wet environment and second polished dry. Using this process, RA value as fine as 0,01 µm can be achieved. So far the only way to produce such finishing was by using two machines. One for the wet grinding and another one for the dry polishing. This led to manually switch the workpieces holders from one machine to the other.
This is no longer the case thanks to the new DF 2-3. This machine houses two containers that can be combined, from wet to dry or dry to dry. With the Siemens touchscreen control, every parameter like cycle time and rotations speed for instance are easily saved. The program follows the sequence of operations and avoid any manual action to pass from the first machine to the second.

EPHJ 2009 : Hall 6, booth 1
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