Non-contact 3D surface measurement system

The μsurf explorer compact optical 3D measuring instrument is a complete package for measuring and analyzing surfaces. μsurf explorer is based on the proven μsurf confocal technique.

The cost-effective system is suitable both for use in the testing laboratory, as well as for the production environment. μsurf explorer can be used for DIN,  EN,  ISO compliant roughness determination, analyses of 3D structures, layer thickness and measurement of geometry in the micrometer and nanometer range. The technology is successfully deployed in numerous companies. These include renowned companies from the automotive industry, medical technology, microelectronics, the printing and paper industry, as well as a large number of research institutes.

Robust and reliable
Measurement is effortless and reliable, even in harsh production environments. As standard IP 52 protection class and vibration absorbing feet are included. Environmental influences, such as vibrations, dust or splashed water do not affect the precision of the measurement results.
Low maintenance and durable components are used in μsurf explorer, for example a high power LED. This guarantees  an instrument always ready for use and saves costs.

Flexible all round measurement solution
μsurf explorer is ideal for a broad spectrum of materials. From polymers to metals through to composite materials,
all surfaces can be transformed into precise measurement data. Special algorithms, measurement modes and analysis programs open up an enormous bandwidth of measurement tasks.
μsurf explorer is suitable both for automated quality assurance in production, as well as for versatile use in the research laboratory. The stitching function is a standard and allows expanded measurement fields.

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We will come back on nano measures on a further issue of Eurotec. Stay tuned.