Eurotec articles on the blog

Dear readers,

I’ve pottered quite a lot on the content of the blog and I’m happy to announce that the articles of Eurotec are now available in three languages on the “articles” page. There you can (re)discover every article published in Eurotec starting January 2009. It is another way to communicate and obviously that chapter of the blog doesn’t reduce the importance of the paper issue that groups everything on a convenient magazine.
Nevertheless if you’re looking for a precise topic, for instance cleaning, you will find it useful to have every article published on the topic  under the same page.
I do hope this service may meet your requirements.

In term of advertising, it is also possible to put your banner on that part of the blog, see information here.

I’ve received a few mails from people giving me ideas for the blog and the magazine, thank you! I’ll be back with these ideas soon.

Enjoy the nice spring weather (if you’re in the Northern Hemisphere)